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EVGA introduces the Minibox chassis

by HEXUS Staff on 5 June 2013, 16:25

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We all know EVGA as a purveyor of high-end motherboards and impressive Nvidia graphics cards, but here at Computex 2013 the company has reaffirmed plans to diversify by showing off the Minibox chassis/barebone PC.

Designed for the mini-ITX platform, the compact box isn't the most formidable in terms of appearance, but EVGA has incorporated a custom low-profile FSP power supply that's rated at 500W. This space-saving design leaves room for a full-size expansion card, with EVGA showcasing the system with none other than the GeForce GTX Titan.


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The ultra-small chassis has been redesigned since its first outing at CES following consumer feedback, and EVGA isn't finished yet - we're told the current version is almost final, but a few small changes may still make the cut prior to release.

There's no word on pricing as yet, but expect further details in the coming weeks as an air-cooled version of the Minibox will be made available as soon as next month, with a liquid-cooled variant to follow later this year.

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Except nVidia states a minimum 600W PSU needed for the Titan so…. wishful thinking perhaps??
Well a 600W would be ideal, but the system won't draw anything close to 500W.
Interesting stuff - definitely planning on mini ITX for my next build so will look out for this. Frustrating that you can't really see any details in the video though!
Except nVidia states a minimum 600W PSU needed for the Titan so…. wishful thinking perhaps??

nVidia is being very generous with that 600W because they (or rather, their lawyers) basically expect you to be a moron and buy a $10 ‘600W’ piece of crap which wastes half its energy on current conversion and voltage transformation.

As you can see in the video, a decent 500W will run a Titan no problem at all, hell it wont even break a sweat.