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EVGA dabbles with custom-designed Mini ITX barebones

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 January 2013, 03:34

Tags: EVGA

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Our usual beat covers the technology that goes inside a PC. I've probably stated this ad nauseam, but the lack of genuinely new products at a major trade show such as Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a worrying sign, though the triumvirate of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD are set to release a flurry of products in the next few months.

EVGA has been an NVIDIA stalwart for many years but realises that it needs to launch a wider range of products in order to insulate itself from any potential fallout from a poorly-received release. This is why, in recent times, it has launched high-end motherboards and power supplies.

Taking this thinking one step further is a custom-designed barebones box that's relatively small in size but big on potential. Prosaically dubbed the Mini ITX Box for now, the chassis is setup for either air or watercooling - and the latter has a built-in pump, reservoir and 240mm radiator. Both variants share a 1U PSU capable of outputting 500W and have enough space to house a surprisingly powerful build.


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Here's EVGA's Jacob Freeman explaining the Mini ITX Box in a little more detail.

It certainly looks like a tidy project and may well appeal to the user who wants a high-end PC in a chassis that looks different from the norm. No firm word on pricing or availability thus far. What are your thoughts on it, readers?

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I think it's great. There are a lot of mini-itx chasis that really don't fit the gamer profile.
Provided EVGA get the price and PSU noise right I think I'll have to get rid of my Sugo SG06.
Watercool the graphics card as well and they have a really nice product.
“it needs to launch a wider range of products in order to insulate itself from any potential fallout from a poorly-received release.” …or, when there is a lack of new releases from Nvidia. In my experience EVGA has great customer care which is the starting point. I like the looks of this, and ready to go WC is great. EVGA could go further in their vertical integration and launch a WC HTPX line, and the client could order the case with their choice of motherboard, SR-X or SR-2 mounted, graphics cards installed, PSU installed, just add the processors. BTW it looks like EVGA went the budget route with this and show it in Jacob's hotel room.
Looks like an interesting alternative to a Shuttle - shame it's going to take them so long to release it!