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Dell releases a 27-inch IPS monitor with FreeSync for $249

by Mark Tyson on 5 August 2016, 12:01

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Dell has just released a budget-minded 27-inch Freesync monitor. The Dell SE2717H uses a 1920x1080 resolution IPS display which offers variable refresh rates between 48Hz and 75Hz. This matte-finish display uses a 6-bit panel with a 6ms response time. Obviously this isn't a 'dream monitor' but it might tickle some users' sweet spots, coming in at $249 via Dell direct. I can't see it listed in the UK as yet.

To recap on the positive aspects of this monitor – you get a big display, with an IPS wide-viewing-angle screen, a respectable grey to grey response time, and AMD's FreeSync technology for just $249. The design looks pretty good too, it offers a narrow bezel, piano black finish, and sturdy stand with tilt adjustment and cable management. LED backlighting helps save energy and the screen is coated with an antiglare 3H hardness finish. Dell ComfortView is featured as is flicker free technology – helping to keep your peepers feeling fresh.

In this case the FreeSync ability is capable of syncing between 48 and 75Hz. According to Dell this can eliminate choppy gameplay and annoyances such as screen tearing, stutter, or artifacts. This is a great feature for gamers with AMD graphics cards.

Less positive aspects of this monitor probably include its resolution. At 27-inches 1080p isn't so sharp for those with 20:20 vision. Another thing I noticed was that the SE2717H offers only 6-bit colour, achieving 16.7 million colours via FRC, which is a dithering technique. That's probably passable for gaming but not optimal for colour sensitive content creation work, for example. Dell's official figures report colour gamut figures of 84 per cent (CIE 1976), and 72 per cent (CIE 1931). Port choice is limited to a single VGA and a single HDMI v1.4 connector.

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That's pretty attractive, it would be a seller for me with 2ms response time and 1440p and I expect they will be getting one of these in the pipeline in the not too distant future. I believe 24“ is the limit for 1080p as I've yet to see a screen at an attractive price that is nice to look at at greater than 24” at 1080p
Where did they find a 6-bit IPS panel!
This is a nice fit to something like a RX470 or 380(X) (or possibly even 460) where very high settings do occasionally dip under 60fps. This would give smooth, tear-free gaming on a big(ish) screen for a semi-reasonable price.

Freesync + affordable monitors is really a killer feature for AMD hardware, but they aren't exploiting it as they should be. For example, one of the more affordable curved 3440x1440 “super-wides” is the Acer, and it comes with Freesync. The Gsync version is (more or less) twice the price. Now, I'm not saying these screens are for everyone, but the point is that a big screen plus Freesync is massively more affordable, and freesync will help when framerates aren't high enough.

And yet, I don't think I've seen a single RX480/470 review do a proper mention of Freesync (ie. a paragraph, or even a test). It's just a bulletpoint at best.

Note, I say this as a mostly-Nvidia user for gaming graphics, but AMD deserve big credit for features like this.
I stopped reading at 1080p.

The poor pixel density on 27" 1080 panels is quite off-putting, in my experience.
Where did they find a 6-bit IPS panel!

Most budget IPS panels are 6-bit. Dell have been selling them for years - my U2311H from 2010 is also 6-bit.