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Acer adds pair of 27-inch monitors to Predator XB1 Series

by Mark Tyson on 4 November 2015, 11:06

Tags: Acer (TPE:2353), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Acer has launched a pair of new 27-inch monitors aimed at gamers. The Predator XB271HU and XB271HK offer 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 pixel displays respectively. Both XB1 Series monitors feature "a sleek and aggressive black design with sharp angles and bold red accents". These are Nvidia G-SYNC monitors, designed to provide tear and stutter free big-screen gaming experiences.

Predator XB271HU / WQHD

This monitor offers a Zero-Frame Design, an edge-to-edge screen experience. Its WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS panel supports 100 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut. For extended viewing users will benefit from Predator EyeProtect, a now familiar blend of flicker free, low blue light and low dimming technologies. As a gaming monitor the XB271HU  features Acer GameView. This includes various colour profiles designed to adjust dark areas to help you see foes in the shadows, aim-point assistance, and on screen refresh rate adjustment.

The Acer Predator XB271HU has a fast 4ms grey to grey response time, 350cd/m2 brightness and up to a 165Hz refresh rate. As mentioned in the intro, Nvidia G-SYNC is present to optimise frame rates and deliver smooth gameplay if you have a compatible Nvidia GPU equipped.

Predator XB271HK / 4K UHD

This monitor sports a 4K UHD (3840x2160@60Hz) panel boasting 300cd/m2 brightness and 1.07 billion colours. Acer claims it offers 100 percent sRGB colour accuracy. The IPS panel equipped has a fast 4ms response time and viewing angles up to 178 degrees.

Acer's Predator XB271HK features the same gaming technologies as the XB271HU, detailed above. In brief it offers Nvidia G-SYNC plus the same Predator EyeProtect features and same Acer GameView technology.

Both the new XB1 Series monitors come with ergonomic stands with tilt from -5 to 35 degrees, swivel from +/- 30 degrees, pivot and height adjustment up to 5.9 inches. The panels can be quickly released from the stands to be fitted to alternative VESA mounts. For connectivity the XB1 Series feature HDMI, DisplayPort v1.2 and a USB 3.0 hub (1 up/4 down) plus dynamic audio with two 2W stereo speakers.

These new Acer Predator monitors will become available in the US later this month. MSRPs are $799 for the Predator XB271HU, and $899 for the Predator XB271HK. Buyers receive a three-year parts and labour warranty.

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Sort of reminds me of…

kalniel: thank you for making a bad day seem much better - brilliant

Like to see a review of monitor (and roll on 4K screens with more than 60Hz refresh rate) and whether “zero bezel” is a marketing con but monitors look interesting
Like to see a review of monitor (and roll on 4K screens with more than 60Hz refresh rate) and whether “zero bezel” is a marketing con but monitors look interesting
zero bezel seems useful when you are making a grid of monitors, or using eyefinity or nvidias equivalent, as you can jut them right next to each other without loss of viewing area due to bezels. that's the point of zero bezel stuff i think.
Freesync plz
Why can't we all just get along - Freesync and G-Sync together :P