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Dell 34-inch Ultrasharp U3415W curved ultra-wide monitor

by Mark Tyson on 1 September 2014, 09:30

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), LG Display

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Dell has revealed a new ultra-wide monitor as part of its Ultrasharp range. The Dell Ultrasharp U3415W is the company's first curved screen monitor. As you might guess from the U34 prefix it is a 34-inch display. It offers users a 21:9 ratio wide screen with a resolution of 3440x1440 pixels. This monitor has been a long time coming with rumours of its launch as far back as a year ago.

Perfect for gamers and game developers

Dell says that this new monitor is "the perfect display" for gamers. Explaining that assertion we are told that the U3415W's curvature and ultra-wide view "work together to give gamers a competitive edge, requiring less eye movement when compared to a flat panel display and enabling players to take advantage of their peripheral vision when the competition heats up." Game developers will also be delighted by the U3415W, apparently, as it provides "the ultimate canvas for enhanced productivity and creativity". I'm sure these two PC user niches aren't the only ones who would love this monitor on their desks.

Dell U3415W key specifications

  • Screen: 34-inches diagonal, curved display, 21:9 ratio, 3440x1440 pixels, ultra-thin bezels
  • Refresh: 60Hz
  • Speakers: dual integrated 9 watt speakers
  • Connections: HDMI 2.0, MHL, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort
  • Stand: fully adjustable

Dell claims it is the first to unveil a curved 34-inch monitor with the reveal of this Ultrasharp U3415W. However we did see an official release from LG detailing its curved 34-inch monitor with Thunderbolt connectivity a fortnight ago. LG's display will be on show at IFA, Berlin later this week.

The Dell Ultrasharp U3415W will become available in China in November and globally from December. We weren't provided with any pricing indications.

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Oooohhh looks nice.
Oooohhh looks nice.
Yes it does, it's not very helpful for me though. I'm stuck at trying to decide what's most important to me with a new monitor and then this throws a spanner into the works.

My current predicament is I can't decide what matters more between resolution and refresh rates. My choices were a 28“ 4k screen at 60hz or a 27” 2560x1440 screen at 144hz and now this comes in to the mix as well. I guess I might have to go to the Gadget show and see if there are any on display there, but that's not till April, if only there were somewhere I could go to see these things for myself.
I'm going to need a bigger desk :P
I'm going to need a bigger desk :P

I'm going to need another 1 or 2 extra x280's
Currently at 2560x1440 60Hz, so I don't think I'd go for a super-wide monitor unless it came with increased vertical resolution. I wonder what the price tag is gonna be