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Dell announces new 24-inch UltraSharp Ultra HD monitor

by Mark Tyson on 2 December 2013, 16:29

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Today Dell has announced the UltraSharp 24 Monitor – UP2414Q. This new monitor is, as you will have guessed, a 24-inch panel design and it sports an impressive Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution – that’s four times the resolution as Full HD. Fleshing out its impressive specs the UP2414Q also boasts ultrawide viewing angles, support of a wide colour gamut with great factory tuned accuracy and a good range of ergonomic adjustments.

Resolution and colour

As mentioned in the intro the new UltraSharp UP2414Q offers the Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x2160 pixels within what is precisely described as a 23.8-inch diagonal (185ppi). The 16:9 ratio image refreshes optimally at 60Hz using DisplayPort 1.2 or 30Hz over an HDMI connection with a response time of 8ms grey-to-grey. This LED backlit panel offers wide viewing angles thanks to its in-plane switching construction.

Dell says that the colour accuracy on offer from its antiglare-coated UltraSharp UP2414Q's screen “provides true colour accuracy,” thanks to its PremierColor technology. Also the display, with its 10-bit colour support, is capable of 99 per cent AdobeRGB and 100 per cent sRGB coverage. The monitor is calibrated in the factory to a Delta-E<2 straight from the box. Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software can be used in conjunction with an optional X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter to refine colour accuracy further and set up custom colour palette profiles.


Dell caters to your comfort and helps you achieve a comfortable working position thanks to a good range of tilt, swivel and height adjustments being available for the UltraSharp UP2414Q. The stand also has built-in cable management features and is VESA mountable should you wish to use your own monitor stand(s).

Connectivity & other specs

The UltraSharp UP2414Q has a selection of ports and connections as follows; 1x HDMI connector, 1x Mini DisplayPort, 1x DisplayPort (version 1.2a), 4x USB 3.0 ports - Downstream (4 at the back, 1 with battery charging), 1x USB 3.0 port – Upstream, 1x Media Card Reader.

The monitor consumes between 90W and 120W in use and less than 1.2W when sleeping, it complies with all the latest environmental and regulatory standards from Energy Star, EPEAT and TCO. The monitor weighs 4.8Kg without its stand and 10Kg including stand and packaging.

As mentioned above there is a colorimeter available as an accessory for this monitor and Dell also offers an optional matching USB sound bar and a premium carbon-tempered steel cable lock. The standard guarantee on offer is a decent 3 years long enhanced with Dell’s Premium Panel Guarantee policy.

We've just got official word from Dell about the pricing and availability of the UltraSharp UP2414Q: it will be available globally on 16 December, starting at £1,059. 

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That's A One Heavy Monitor!
Am I missing something? This is a ‘4K’ monitor, right?

That seems insanely cheap to me - the only other one I've seen so far was more like Ā£3,000!
Well thats my bonus spent…
At *last*! More of this please.

Can't quite afford to put two of them on my desk, but the price is certainly a step in the right direction
As much as I want one I think I'll have to stay content with my 27" Ultrasharp for now.