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Gigabyte announces the M32Q 32-inch gaming monitor

by Mark Tyson on 18 March 2021, 11:11

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Gigabyte has announced a new M-series monitor, aimed at those who need to strike a balance between attractive productivity and gaming features in their day to day PC use. The new Gigabyte M32Q is actually described as a 'gaming monitor' by the maker, but is definitely more balanced than the G-series thanks to its connectivity options, built-in KVM functionality and flat screen simplicity.

As per Gigabyte's simple naming convention this is an M-series monitor with a 32-inch diagonal and QHD display panel. In more precise terms this monitor uses a 32-inch SuperSpeed IPS flat-screen panel with 2560 x 1440 pixels. Other important stats for this non-glare coated panel are that it has a max brightness of 350cd/m2, contrast ratio of 1000:1, and is VESA certified as DIsplayHDR4000 compliant. In terms of colour reproduction this monitor can display 94 per cent DCI-P3/ 120 per cent sRGB and is said to be highly accurate and consistent with six-axis control for tweaking. Flicker free mode and eye safe blue light reduction are present.

Gamers will be attracted by some of the headline stats here – the M32Q has a 1ms GTG response time with a 165Hz (OC 170Hz) refresh rate with Adaptive Sync compatibility. Additionally, Gigabyte has implemented some of its gaming features such as Aim Stabiliser, Crosshair, Timer, Eagle Eye, the OSD performance dashboard, and Black Equaliser. Stereo 3W speakers are built-in for your convenience.

As hinted at in the intro, the KVM functionality will pull in some buyers. A dedicated KVM toggle on the rear of the monitor allows users to quickly change between devices or switch the PiP and PbP preferences. As well as connecting multiple devices via the available HDMI 2.0 x2, Display port 1.4 x1, and USB-C. Other ports present include; headphones and USB Type-A ports. Gigabyte has tidily built the PSU into the monitor, so there isn't a separate brick here.

Using this monitor for extended periods of work and play you might appreciate the adjustable stand provided with 130mm of height adjustment and -5°~+20° tilting action. Otherwise, you can make use of the 10x100mm VESA mounting points.

Gigabyte hasn't provided any pricing and availability details.

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I'd love a 27“ version of this, I always find 32” just a tad too much.
32" probably needs 4k resolution really, maybe that's coming down the line too.
I'd love a 27“ version of this, I always find 32” just a tad too much.

I have a 27" version of this, but it's a VA panel, has somewhat serious dark smudging and mine has an intermittent dead pixel. Shame because the design is lovely and mine was fairly well priced.
This would be great for a computer technician who also games. I hated having to have a KVM switch on my desk.
ahh thats a shame, I've been looking for a 1440p 1444hz monitor for a while now: the gigabyte branded ones are still top of my list 'cause of their pricing!

How does the response time feel on yours? :)