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AOC announces four 165Hz curved G2 gaming displays

by Mark Tyson on 25 August 2020, 11:11

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AOC continues to add products into its range of gaming monitors to try and hit your sweet spot. Today HEXUS got word that there have been four new G2 gaming monitors added to the AOC stables; the 23.6-inch C24G2AE and C24G2U, and the 27-inch C27G2AE and C27G2U. Decoding those less obvious 'AE' and 'U' suffixes for you before we go further, the AE models are affordable versions with tiltable stands, while the U models feature both height-adjustable stands and a USB 3.2 hub with four USB ports.

Having got those stand/hub differences out of the way these monitors have a lot in common, and I will summarise the quartet's similarities in the bullet points below:

  • Aggressive 1500R curvature screen with slim bezels
  • VA display panel with 178/178° viewing angles
  • FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • High contrast (3000:1 native contrast for 24-inch models and 4000:1 for 27-inch models)
  • Typical brightness: 250 nits
  • Colour gamut: 120 per cent sRGB
  • 48-165Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync Premium support
  • MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) option
  • Low Input Lag mode
  • 1 ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time)
  • G-Menu OSD with six gaming modes, game colour, crosshair config
  • Flicker-Free and offers a Low Blue Mode
  • Built-in speakers (2x 2W)

As you will have grasped from the intro, these new 23.6- and 27-inch monitors are available in affordable (AE) and enhanced (U) versions. AOC's plan is to make available more affordable monitors with "a high-quality panel for the best price" over everything else, as its AE models. The specs above do look appealing if you like curved monitors, 250 nits is bright enough for you, and FHD is acceptable for you at 27-inches.

Some gamers might find the adjustable stand of the U models attractive enough to pay the premium - though both AE and U monitors can be VESA mounted. The other notable extra of the U suffixed monitors are the four USB 3.2 ports from the USB hub enabling easy connection for your USB peripherals including keyboard, mice and headsets and offering a high-speed data connection (up to 20Gbps).

So, the big question might be what are the prices of these monitors (and the premium to be paid on the U suffixed versions)? Luckily I have that info, as per the bullet points below. The new monitors will become available in September.

  • C24G2AE - £169
  • C24G2U - £189
  • C27G2AE - £229
  • C27G2U - £249

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Shame about the 1080p, especially on the 27“. Also not even HDR400 :(

The 24” U could be okay though, for the price, given the Freesync 165Hz, curved screen and USB hub.
I dont have an issue with 1920x1080, thats what I'm on now, so curved, usb hub and moreHz would work well for me as GPU would limit me going higher res..
What the world needs is more Vesa Display HDR 600 and Vesa DisplayHDR 1000 with fairly accurate colors and FLAT monitors!
The problem with all the monitors of the last 6 years is that they always have some caveat. Bad resolution, bad colors, low refresh rate, not bright enough, backlight bleeding, compatibility/technical issues, tiny display diagonal or an insane price. It's almost as if display manufacturers don't want my money.