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Gigabyte G34WQC ultrawide gaming monitor hits 144Hz, 1ms

by Mark Tyson on 12 August 2020, 13:51

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Gigabyte has launched its first ultrawide gaming monitor. The new Gigabyte G34WQC is, as the codename might suggest; a 34-inch design, with a wide aspect ratio, 1440p, and a curved screen. Aimed at gamers, its performance specs should appeal, being capable of refresh rates up to 144Hz, 1ms response time, support for VRR tech such as FreeSync/G-Sync, offering a wide colour gamut, and VESA DisplayHDR400 certification.

The new Gigabyte monitor's tech specs are quite impressive. 1440p monitors seem to be building a fan base, while resolutions below 1080p are definitely in decline according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey, so it is a good choice for PC components makers to design for. So, let us look closer at the G34WQC's specs.

  • Screen size: 34-inch 21:9, with 1500R curvature
  • Panel type: VA with 3‎440 x 1440 pixels and 1‎78° viewing angles
  • Performance metrics: 1‎44Hz refresh with FreeSync Premium / G-Sync Compatible, 1ms MRPT
  • Colour metrics: 9‎0 per cent DCI-P3 / 120 per cent sRGB coverage, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 350cd/m2 brightness, VESA DisplayHDR400 certification
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0 x2, Display port 1.4 x2, headphone jack
  • Other: stereo 2W speakers, stand with -5°~+20° tilt and 100mm height adjustment, 100x100 VESA wall mounting option

As well as the above raw hardware specs Gigabyte has implemented a sprinkling of gaming tech to make this of greater appeal. Aim Stabiliser is Gigabyte's name for motion blur reduction (not hardware reticle options). Additionally this monitor feature Black Equaliser which is a colour curves setting to bring details out of the murk. In addition to these gamer-centric features there are more standard niceties like a flicker-free mode, low blue light node, and Clear Sound audio settings.

Gigabyte says that the G34WQC ultrawide gaming will roll out globally this month and into September. I don't have official pricing at the time of writing but LambdaTek has a threadbare listing with it priced at £351.50 or £421.80 inc VAT.

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If only it was HDR1000
Gentle Viking;4240546
If only it was HDR1000

Indeed, and G-Sync ultimate…but then it would be £2000 rather than £400 :)

Very impressive specs for the price tbh, and if HDR isn't important for you - then seems a bit of a steal to me.
Gentle Viking;1338941
If only it was HDR1000

For just over 400 quid? Dream on. HDR will be a token marketing gesture just like it on similarly priced displays, however that doesn't detract from the value proposition as it could be a great buy.

If you want “proper” HDR then you need to pay for it in the here and now. For most people considering this at the price point quoted it's unlikely to be top of the agenda though.
I know it doesn't have G-Sync, but damn I paid £800 for my Alienware ultrawide with only 120Hz a couple of years ago.