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AOC launches the CU34G2(X) ultra-wide curved monitors

by Mark Tyson on 10 December 2019, 13:11

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AOC has announced a pair of new 34-inch UWQHD gaming monitors that are rather close in specifications. The AOC CU34G2 and CU34G2X are both 1500R VA panel equipped gaming monitors and part of the firm's G2 series. However, they differ by the maximum refresh rate possible, which is 100 and 144Hz respectively. Furthermore, there is a £100 premium for the X-suffix model, which carries an RRP of £499.

A common feature of the AOC CU34G2 and CU34G2X monitors is the 34-inch VA panel with quite pronounced curvature of 1500R. AOC says this wraparound design "creates a VR-like experience by covering users' peripheral vision." Gamers who enjoy first person games such as FPS and racing titles will be particularly drawn in the monitor maker suggests. Less credibly AOC touts the CU34G2(X) as a device on which to enjoy watching wide screen movies.

These UWQHD monitors push out 3440 x 1440 pixels for a comfortable 109dpi. These 21:9 aspect ratio screens have wide viewing angles, dense blacks and vibrant colours thanks to the use of VA technology. Other key tech specifications are tabulated below:

  • Max brightness: 3000 nits
  • Contrast (static): 1000:1
  • Response time: 4ms
  • MPRT response time: 1ms
  • FreeSync refresh rate range: 30Hz to 100Hz or 144Hz depending upon model
  • Backlight: WLED
  • Eye care: FlickerFree and Low Blue Light technologies
  • sRGB coverage: 124 per cent
  • Adobe RGB coverage: 92 per cent
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, built-in USB hub with 4x USB 3.0, headphone out 3.5mm
  • Stand: tilt (3.5° ±1.5° ~ 21.5° ±1.5°) and swivel (30° ±2°) adjustable stand, can be removed for VESA 100x100 mounting

As well as the above specs, there are the expected gamer supporting technologies present here, such as; low input lag mode, AOC Game Colour, AOC Dial Point crosshairs for aiming support - not forgetting AMD FreeSync support over a wide range of frequencies.

In an email to HEXUS, AOC said that the CU34G2 and CU34G2X G2 series gaming monitors will become available starting January 2020 at an RRP of £399 and £499, respectively.

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It took me a decade to change from CRT to LCD, i think it will take the same for a aspect ratio change like this.
Yeah, keep looking at the QHD ultrawides and wondering whether they're worth the premium over a 4K screen. Use to run two screens side by side back in the day and liked it other than the huge bar down the middle. 1080p isn't quite enough vertical pixels to this seems to be the sweet spot.
i keep thinking about getting a bigger screen but i am not sure about curved screen it would be nice to know if they are worth getting
So curvy…
I actually thing curved will be fine for monitor, but i would not like TV to be that way.