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AOC i1659fwux 16-inch IPS USB portable monitor starts to ship

by Mark Tyson on 10 May 2017, 12:01

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A couple of days ago we heard that the Asus ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6-in USB monitor was heading towards availability after launching in August last year. Today there's similar news of a similar product from AOC monitors. As spotted by TechReport, the AOC I1659FWUX portable display is on the verge of availability, and will be purchasable from Amazon from Friday onwards.

The new AOC portable USB monitor has specs that are pretty similar to the Asus portable USB monitor we looked at earlier in the week. For comprehensiveness I'll reproduce the spec list below.

  • 15.6-inch Viewable Image Size, Diagonal
  • Panel Type: TFT Active Matrix LCD, LED Backlight, IPS Panel
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 220cd/m²
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio (dcr): 700:1
  • Response Time: 25ms
  • Max Resolution: 1920x1080 @60Hz
  • Colour Depth: 292K
  • Pixel Pitch (mm) (H x V): 0.179(H)mm x 0.179(V)mm
  • View Angle (degrees) (H x V): Horizontal: 160 Degrees (CR>10) Vertical: 160 Degrees (CR>10)
  • Display Area (mm) (H x V): 344.16(H)mm x 193.59(V) mm
  • Scanning Frequency (H / V): 67.5kHz (H) / 60Hz (V)
  • Cabinet Colour: Piano-black Glossy Finish
  • Adjustability: Tilt: 15° ~ 30°, Auto Pivot
  • Wall Mount: VEGA compliant 75mm
  • Connections: USB 3.0
  • Power Consumption: 8W (typical), Standby: 0.5W
  • Power Source: PC USB 5V
  • Weight: 1.2Kg
  • Size: 232.7 x 371.9 x 35.5mm
  • In the box: 15.6-inch USB Monitor, USB cable, carry case, paperwork

In a number of specifications the AOC lags behind the Asus ZenScreen MB16AC. While importantly they both offer a full HD IPS display, the AOC model doesn't offer a USB Type-C connection, but still works via a single USB 3.0 cable for power and data. Checking through the specs above you will find that the AOC portable monitor is significantly less portable; 420g heavier at 1.2Kg, and much bulkier with its thickness of 35.5mm, compared to the svelte Asus at 8mm.

Pricing also seperates the two USB monitors by a wide margin. The AOC is accessibly priced at $149 and available Friday. The Asus ZenScreen is said to retail at €269, basically double the USD price at the time of writing.

AOC uses an interesting flexible rotating stand, caapble of supporting both horizontal and vertical orientations. A protective carry case is included in the box.

At the CES in January AOC unveiled an "extremely slim" USB Type-C portable monitor. That device, the AOC I1601FWUX, is much nearer in spec to the Asus Zenscreen and will be released on 1st August at $199.

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I've no idea if the monitor is any good or not, but AOC really need to work on their model names! :shocked2:
Not really sure why they don't also include an HDMI/MHL port on these. I can imagine a number of uses where a device could power the screen but output via HDMI (eg. Raspberry Pi or a console). Basically, the extra flexibility would make this a marvellous product, esp for the mod/DIY community. As it stands, its use scope is much narrower.
So could I use my S7 via this device?

So let's say I could sync with this via WiFi and stream a fill via my phone?
So could I use my S7 via this device?

So let's say I could sync with this via WiFi and stream a fill via my phone?

It's just a normal pc display, just powered by the usb port which also sends it the ‘video feed’ from the host pc.

I'm more shocked by the fact the stats say it's 35mm thick….the asus one is 8mm thick….
Wants to plug it into his Phantom 4 controller/Blackmagic camera… but can't as it doesn't have hdmi. Moves along.