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Dell's UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K now available to purchase

by Mark Tyson on 24 March 2017, 14:31

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Dell first brought its impressive 8K monitor to our attention at CES 2017. Mike Turner, a Product Manager at Dell, gave HEXUS a personal tour and rundown of the 31.5-inch diagonal P3218K. Turner boasted that the Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K offers users pixels in both quantity and quality.

To sum up, an 8K display like the P3218K provides a lot of pixels (over 33 million, or 7680 x 4320 at 60Hz), equivalent to 4x 4K displays or 16x FHD displays. Its IPS LED backlit display has a response time of 6ms (grey to grey).

Dell reckons that the pixel packing new monitor will appeal to professionals in the fields of photography, videography, architecture, engineering, and others. As it is aimed at pro applications Dell has considered colour gamut and accuracy very carefully and designed this as a Dell PremierColor monitor. In basic spec terms Dell's 10-bit panel can show 1.07 billion colours, 100 per cent Adobe RGB, 100 per cent sRGB, 100 per cent Rec. 709, and 98 per cent DCI-P3. Furthermore, it's easy to accurately calibrate for your own usage and work environment (though it is said to be accurately calibrated out of the box).

Dell uses premium aluminium structuring and finishing for its P3218K. The screen is a 'borderless' model, also known as Dell InfinityEdge. For your comfort Dell has made this monitor flicker free and low-blue light emitting. The provided stand offers a full range of adjustments: tilt, swivel and pivot, but you can optionally mount it with various VESA and other alternatives.

For connectivity the P3218K offers the following ports; a Power connector, 2x DisplayPort in ports, Audio line-out port, a USB 3 upstream port, and quad USB downstream ports (one with with BC1.2 charging).

Dell's new 8K monitor is available to purchase online now in the US at $4999. I can't see it offered via Dell UK at this time. Buyers receive a 3 year warranty.

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I'm sure professionals will love working at max 30Hz until we get widespread DP 1.4 support ;)

I know nvidia claim DP 1.4 on GTX 10 series - anyone know if that's genuine full support? AFAICT Polaris only does DP 1.3…
Let us wait for 6 years for the GPU market to catch up! 8K, niche market for pro photographers etc
$5,000 and only a 3 year warranty? lol
If you can afford $5,000 for this then you aren't worried about the warranty. In fact the way monitor tech is advancing you'll be looking to upgrade to something else then.
$5,000 and only a 3 year warranty? lol

It's no excuse, but I do sometimes think - half the time with these kinds of early-adopter products, after 4 years or so the price of the product has probably dropped so dramatically that it's almost pointless.