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MSI enters gaming monitor market with the Optix G27C

by Mark Tyson on 16 December 2016, 14:21

Tags: MSI, Samsung (005935.KS)

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MSI has entered the PC gaming monitor market. Until now the only monitors with an MSI logo on the bezel were built into its AiO or laptop PCs.

MSI spearheads its new Optix Series with the Optix G27C, a 27-inch Full HD monitor with an R1800 curvature. The curvy panel is supplied by Samsung, says MSI, and it is of the VA type, reports ComputerBase, with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz. It is likely the same panel that Samsung features in its new C27FG70 gaming monitor, and if so will also pack quantum dots to enable its enhanced colour gamut of 110 per cent sRGB - that's about a 20 per cent greater gamut coverage than standard monitors.

On its product promotion page MSI talks up the gaming credentials of its new Optix G27C. The QD enhanced colour, plus high refresh rate, and immersive curvature all contribute to an appealing gaming monitor. Furthermore, it features very wide viewing angles, 3000:1 contrast, and popular monitor 'eye care' technologies such as low blue light and anti-flicker.

For gaming specific use the Optix range are tweakable in the MSI Gaming Centre software control panel. MSI offers an 'FPS front sight' targeting reticule overlay for FPS games. Seven monitor modes can be selected to suit your PC activities including; FPS, RTS/RPG game modes, plus eye care and cinema modes. Three custom present profiles are recordable and saveable here too.

Samsung's 27-incher which we think is based upon the same panel supports AMD FreeSync but MSI misses out on mentioning this specification in its official pages. I've included the official spec list below. No official pricing or availability details have been published as yet but the new MSI gaming monitor is listed at a Newegg Canada for $460, which is approx £275.


MSI Optix G27C

LCD panel

Samsung VA (curved, R1800)


LED (flicker free)


27 inches


1920 × 1080 (144 Hz)

Aspect ratio


Contrast (static)


Brightness max.


Colour space

110% sRGB, 85% NTSC

Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical)

178° / 178°

reaction time

4ms (gray-to-gray)

Video inputs

DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DVI


Display tiltable


Blue light reduction, gaming center software


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This looks like a nice 27“ monitor until you get to the 1080p part, at that point you look for a different model or brand of PC gaming monitor. Because imho 27” gaming screens for a PC is when 2160x1440p is the perfect resolution.
1920x1080 at 27" just isn't good enough these days. 2560x1440 would have been much better and there is no need at all for a screen that small to be curved.
Yeah, FullHD just isn't good enough @ that size IMHO - and those inputs!? HDMI 1.4 & DP 1.2… bit old-school tbh.

A lot of flash with little substance. Hope their next offering is more competitive.
I think you've all missed the point. Have you guys even looked at the pricing?

A year ago a 23.5" 120Hz 1080p VA monitor cost Ā£275. And that was non-curved with no adaptive sync.

This thing isn't supposed to have the absolute best specs. It's meant to be good value for money.
Couldn't care less about the pricing because of the screen res. A 27“ screen is just too big for 1920x1080. I have a five year old 27.5” screen at 1920x1200 and the screen size is too big for that res. Anything more than 26" should be at least 2560x1440 in my opinion.