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Further EVGA LGA2011 mainboard pictured

by Navin Maini on 21 October 2011, 12:00

Tags: EVGA

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There was the SR-2, and more recently we've reported on the E779 X79 Classified, but EVGA's working on something that quite possibly may be known as the SR-3. Disclosed on his Twitter page, Jacob Freeman - Product Manager at EVGA - has teased the image below, that offers a sneak peek of a dual-socket LGA2011 mainboard, that the company is working on.



Based on an E-ATX form factor, the mainboard is said to support upcoming Sandy Bridge-EP (Xeon) CPUs, and is kitted-out with a total of twelve DIMM slots - eight of which are hooked-up to one socket, and four of which are hooked-up to the second socket. There are a total of seven PCIe x16 slots, and each CPU socket is apparently powered by a 6+1 phase VRM. There's also an ample power delivery system for the DIMM slots - supposedly 1-phase per channel.

With a predominantly black and red colour scheme, there are clearly a plethora of connectivity options, onboard voltage measurement points, and opportunities for multi-GPU setups. It's also anticipated that the UEFI firmware will be quite the treat for overclockers, but as for availability, there's no indication - just yet.

Image Source: EVGA

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Ooooohhhhh YUMMY! totally FOLD-Tastic! A personal datcentre on a single board, and overclockable to boot!

Now if only they could make this fit into a standard form factor, or at least a form factor that fits in a range of cases. I'd forgo a few of the PCI Express lines for this. How about mounting the CPU's on Daughter cards with the memory….

Well done eVGA for pushing the boundaries again! If only Asus would reply with their version!
what an odd memory configuration…