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Intel's X58 set to get EOL status

by Navin Maini on 5 October 2011, 13:08

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Foxconn (TPE:2317), ECS

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We reported earlier this year on Intel's rumoured plans to axe its venerable X58 chipset, and as the latest murmurings suggest that its X79 successor will launch next month, word now has it that Intel is pressing ahead with a retirement schedule for the X58.

Orders for the X58 chipset will be accepted until April 27th, 2012, and the chip giant will ship the chipsets through to October 5th, 2012.



We've already seen several X79 powered mainboards in the pipeline - from the likes of ECS and Foxconn, for example - and it looks like the X58 has got roughly a year left, till it gets its EOL badge.

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Let's hope they don't go out with a bang!

I've no plans on upgrading from X58 any time soon, there's no need for me to. It's served me well so far and should do for a good while yet. (Famous last words.)
Agreed.. I love my set up, best ive ever owned !
Seriously with each new information about X79 platform upgrading to it is less and less interesting. :Oops: They can EOL X58 all they want. There is plenty of life left in X58. I see absolutely no reason to go X79 for maybe 15% more performance in real life applications.

Moving from P4 or C2D to X58 was like switching from Fiat Panda to McLaren Mercedes SLR. Switching from X58 to X79 increasingly look like moving from Fiat Panda hatchback 1.3D to 1.4 petrol Van (you get few SATA ports extra and tiny bit more performance). Frankly if somebody is interested in storage buy new RAID card. That way you will get proper RAID support - not some software garbage, on-board cache, battery/ZNP protection and few other little things.
i wonder how long it will be until the average geeeky user will need to upgrade their CPU ?

if you're running core i5/i7 in any flavour you've got an absolute beast that'll keep on ticking like an atomic clock, and with games now using more and more of the GPU, and developers not really pushing PCs anyway because of console obligations, i can see a current gen PC only needing a graphics card upgrade every now and then for about 4-6 years
I have a QX6800 on an X38 (maybe X48, no idea) that I've run for probably 4 years now. The only reason I don't use it now is that my laptop is far more convenient to use.

If was still a big gamer I'd probably just drop a new graphics card my existing box. But seeing as the next Half-Life is probably 10 years away I shall not bother right now.