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Gigabyte shows off prototype Z68 board at CeBIT 2011

by Parm Mann on 4 March 2011, 13:26

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With Intel's initial Sandy Bridge troubles quickly becoming a thing of the past, Gigabyte has used the CeBIT 2011 show floor as a means to build up hype for the upcoming Z68 chipset by previewing an early prototype of its GA-Z68X-UD4H-B3.

We reckon the board will be given Gigabyte's traditional light-blue makeover prior to launch (rumoured to be somewhere in the second quarter of 2011), but the basic black-and-grey prototype shows off what's in store for Gigabyte's UD4 model.

The CPU appears to be served by a basic 6+1 power phase, SLI and CrossFire configurations are supported through two PCIe x16 slots than run at x8, x8 when two discrete cards are installed, and the range of expansion slots is rounded out with a further three PCIe x1 slots and two standard PCI slots.

Storage is catered for via a healthy array of seven SATA slots - four of which are of the SATA Gbps variety - and filling the hole left by the existing P67 and H67 chipsets, Z68 supports both Intel's Flexible Display Interface over DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI outputs, as well as overclocking on K-series Sandy Bridge CPUs.

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Anyone spilling any beans about the rumoured SSD caching with the Z68 chipset?? Is there any basis to the rumour, and if so, what does the SSD caching consist of?

I've got fingers crossed for an algorithm something like the Seagate Momentus hybrid so that you just plug in an SSD and a HDD and it will over time work out what you access most often, and optimise by copying or caching the most used files to the SSD
7 SATA is nice. What I'd really like though is integrated VGA WITH overlocking on K series chips. Is that so hard Intel?
Of course the real big question is, will Intel's RST RAID5 implementation now not suck hard on writes?
What i'm really looking forward to in some review #hint, hint Hexus# is some comment, critique or discussion of the business of using Quick Sync, whilst having a discrete graphics card. I assume that the Z series will be as woefull as all the others in this regard? Please tell me if i'm wrong.
7 SATA is nice. What I'd really like though is integrated VGA WITH overlocking on K series chips. Is that so hard Intel?

Well that's exactly what this board does. Read the review to the last sentence.