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Dell XPS devices portfolio update includes InfinityEdge laptops

by Mark Tyson on 8 October 2015, 12:02

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Windows 10

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Dell has today announced a new portfolio of XPS devices and accessories. The updated devices range from the XPS 12 2-in-1, to the ultra-mobile XPS 13 notebook and the XPS 15 'powerhouse laptop,' with InfinityEdge screens. Dell claims that its new Windows 10 devices boast a number of 'firsts' and 'bests' in their respective product groups, offering users superlative displays, battery life and premium materials.

Dell XPS 12 2-in-1

The magnetically attached display is said to be easy to lift off, with one hand, to convert your laptop to a tablet. Dell is providing buyers with a 4K display option – that's a lot of pixels for a 12-inch diagonal screen. The tablet portion of this 2-in-1 features two cameras, 8MP rear facing and 5MP front facing. Dell's magnetically attaching keyboard is fully backlit and includes a precision touchpad. A custom-built Dell Premier Folio is also available to provide a multitude of screen positions for the tablet. Those who like to use styli can opt for the Dell Active Pen, optimised for Microsoft Edge inking, One Note and supplied with the Bamboo Paper creative app. The XPS 12 will be available in the coming months in the UK. Pricing will be available at launch.

Dell XPS 13

According to Dell, this svelte laptop holds the title of the "smallest 13-inch laptop on the planet," and is among the first to have a virtually borderless 'InfinityEdge' full HD display. The updated laptop features a choice of 6th gen Intel Core processor, up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage. A Thunderbolt 3 port is equipped. This laptop can run for over 18 hours on battery alone. The XPS 13 will be available beginning 8th Oct on in the UK starting at £849.

Dell XPS 15

Again, thanks to the InfinitEdge display, Dell has managed to make this laptop the smallest in the world for such a screen size. The 15-inch display can be specified with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and 100 per cent minimum Adobe RGB reproduction. Buyers can specify the laptop with up to a 6th gen Intel Core i7 quad core processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics (2GB GDDR5). Up to 16GB of RAM and various storage and screen resolution/touch options are available.

The Dell XPS15 is just 17mm thick and weighs 1.78Kg. Again it features a Thunderbolt 3 port. The FHD model can run on battery for up to 17 hours. The XPS 15 will be available beginning 8th Oct on in the UK, starting at £1099.

Dell Accessories

As well as the above devices Dell announced; the Dell TB15 Thunderbolt Dock with Intel Thunderbolt 3 cable, the Dell Dock WD15, the Dell Power Companion portable battery, the Dell Premier Sleeve, the Dell Adapter for USB Type-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0, and the Dell Bluetooth Mouse WM615.

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960M? Whaaaat? That's going to be expensive, but makes it really cool. Most screen/power for its size, not to mention a Thunderbolt 3 port. Hello, external graphics acceleration.

Wait wait wait…

-6th gen i7?
-For as little as $1200?

Sign me up right now.

And their top of the line model has a 6-cell battery? How does that work? Does it increase laptop size?
I will never buy another Dell XPS laptop after the shambles that is the 9530 range. Hundreds of customers on the forums and they do nothing except send untrained self employed engineers out to swap like for like mainboards with the same problem.
Deleted, this was for business and prices didn't included VAT :(
What were Dell thinking with the XPS 12. Two thunderbolt ports and they are both on the tablet part and no usb ports and no SD port of any kind. The keyboard while backlit has no extra battery and no ports.
If the keyboard had a battery as well a couple of usb ports and discrete graphics this would be an alternative to the Surface Book, mind it would also be an alternative to the XPS 13.
Its two USB Type-C and there is an SD card slot.