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Samsung creates a tablet with a QWERTY slider, calls it the PC 7 Series

by Parm Mann on 6 January 2011, 14:52

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Tablets and notebooks are in plentiful supply at this year's CES, but there's room between the two for some fun-looking hybrids.

One such machine is Samsung's PC 7 Series, a Windows 7 tablet that incorporates a slide-out keyboard and trackpad into its 1.9cm-thick frame.

The combination of a 10.1in multi-touch display and a dedicated keyboard is said to make the machine "ideal for creating and consuming content", and Samsung is hoping its portable PC experience will appeal to a mix of casual users, professionals and students.

Under the hood, the PC 7 Series will feature an upcoming Intel Atom "Oak Trail" Z670 processor, integrated Intel graphics, 2GB of memory and solid-state storage in either 32GB or 64GB capacities. The 10.1in multi-touch display touts a 1,366x768 resolution and 340-nits brightness, and Samsung's doing its best to maintain PC-like functionality by including a pair of USB 2.0 ports, HDMI out, a four-in-one card reader and an integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam.

WiFi, WiMax and 3G options will all be available, and Samsung puts battery life at around 9-hour mark. All sounds mighty useful, and the PC 7 Series isn't far off. We're told it'll be available in March priced from $699 (Ā£450).

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Looks very slick :P I wonder if they'll make models with differing keyboard colours?
Any word on pen or stylus input options? It's been a wonderful CES for tablets so far: it looks like this year might *actually* be the year of the tablet :D
Wowzers. Very nice.
That does look very smart!

I've been touting a design like this for ages! I hate the “swivel” on current tablet designs, because they introduce a SPOF.

I feel/felt that my HP TX2 was a step backwards from the HP TC1100 in terms of engineering robustness.

For a long time I've been asking (out loud and silently) why a tablet PC couldn't have a keyboard that tucks away. Much like the MDA Vario 3, which was itself an improvement on the XDA Exec, which - you guessed it - swivelled.