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Dell lets slip Alienware M11x pricing

by Parm Mann on 29 January 2010, 10:56

Tags: Alienware M11x, Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Remember the Alienware M11x notebook unveiled by Dell at CES earlier this month?

We thought the system sounded promising with a supposed price tag of "less than $1,000". Well, hold onto your hats, folks, as a snippet of source code from Dell's official website has let slip a starting price of $799.

There's no indication of exactly what inner components you'll accumulate for that tantalising sum of money, but Dell's misplaced details also reveal a figure for battery life. "The Alienware M11x, with over 6.5 hours of battery life and weighing under 4.5 lbs. will start at an amazing $799!," says the source code.

Can't remember what the Alienware M11x is all about? Well, according to Dell, this is the "most powerful 11in gaming laptop in the universe," and it hopes to offer the oomph of the existing M15x in a smaller, lighter form factor.

Sure, it's a bit chunky for a netbook-like 11.6in notebook, but then you are getting a 1,366x768 display, an ultra-low-voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processor and on-the-fly switchable graphics courtesy of both an IGP and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M GPU. Throw in the backlit keyboard, HDMI output and Gigabit Ethernet, and you're looking at arguably the beefiest CULV notebook to date.

Call us optimistic, but if that $799 price tag translates to anything near say £600 including tax, we're sold.

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You would think that ‘less than $1000’ meant ‘$999’ or (£999), but hey, maybe there are reasons to be optimistic this time. Still, I don't think 11.6“ is not for me, I still find 13.3” to be the sweetspot as an all-rounded laptop I would use for work and gaming.
For me 11.6“ is the sweetspot, but then I wouldn't usually expect so much graphics power in a portable device.

Other than being a bit garish I think they have got a lot right here. 11.6” screen, backlit keyboard, decent battery, powerful when you need it, decent price. I would need to see one in person to guage the weight and size though.

Edit: Also, will the integrated graphcis and CPU be able to handle HD flash and 264 videos without the power hungry discrete gpu?
If the prices translate well i would most certainly be sold aswell :D
If the price is right… I think I'll be kissing goodbye to my next student loan :D
The thing that rules out this laptop for me is that the GPU is only DX10. If it used any of the newer ATI DX 10.1/11 graphics cards, id buy it immediately