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Samsung updates its slim and light Notebook 9 line

by Mark Tyson on 20 December 2016, 10:01

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Samsung has given notice that its Notebook 9 line of Windows 10 PCs have been updated. It claims to have refreshed the 13.3- and 15-inch FHD screened models with "the latest in Notebook technology in a sleek and light design". Standard features of these silver machines are that they are; "impossibly light," feature ultra-thin bezels, and have a durable and rigid construction.

As you might expect from a notebook refresh timed such as this, the new Samsung Notebook 9 series pack Intel Kaby Lake processors. With the 13-inch model you have a choice between Core i5 or i7 chips but the 15-incher is ultra-premium all the way with Core i7 only. Both machines use Intel's integrated graphics for display acceleration.

Premium displays

The respective machines both have FHD IPS displays with colour fidelity quoted as sRGB 95 per cent Delta E<2.5. Outside mode boosts the screens' maximum brightness to 500nits, and for multimedia delights users can use Video HDR mode. The screens open up to a maximum of 180 degrees, folding flat.

Beyond the obvious screen size differences and the impact that has on weight and dimensions, Samsung's pair of machines have much of the rest of the specs in common. Speedy PCIe NVMe SSD storage up to 256GB is standard. You can install up to 8GB of dual channel DDR4 RAM (16GB on the i7 machines).

Neither of the machines have Ethernet but are wireless only 802.11 ac 2X2 plus Bluetooth 4.1. A 720p webcam is embedded in the screen bezel as is a Dual Array Digital Mic. For sound out both machines are fitted with 1.5W x2 stereo speakers. Other ports are as follows; 2XUSB 3.0, 1XUSB-C, HDMI, MicroSD, HP/Mic - but the 15-inch model has an additional USB 2.0 port.

Windows Hello, fast charging, backlit keyboards…

Samsung has equipped 1.5mm stroke, backlit, curved keycap keyboards as standard and whatever model you choose there's a finger print sensor (with support for Windows Hello). The 30Whr batteries these notebooks are equipped with are fast charging compatible and Samsung quotes a time of 80 mins for a full recharge or 2.1 hours of use from a 20 minute charge. Overall, either notebook should run for approx 7 hours on a charge. Spare batteries can be charged while out of the machine and Samsung notes that the supplied 45W power adaptors are "small".

Compact and light

Last but not least these refreshed Windows 10 notebooks offer excellent portability. The 13.3-inch model weighs only 816g, and measures 309.4 x 208 x 13.9mm. Samsung's 15-inch model isn't a lot heavier at 985g, and measures 347.9 x 229.4 x 14.9mm.

Availability and pricing details are likely to be revealed at CES 2017, in a couple of weeks.

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Don't bother buying samsung's #### laptops.. They do not have sense to create an efficient laptop just know how to assemble things.. I have one of there NP550P5C-S05 Laptop. Apart from i7 3630qm and JBL speakers everything is #### i.e. Poor heat flow design, dead spots, very weak body material & hinge design, worst keyboard, #### after sales service, very very poor driver (update) support.. they just follow assemble, sell and forget trend.

An excess of crapware as well no doubt. Wish I'd never advised my wife to buy one a couple of years back.
I thought Samsung had stopped making laptops. What's this then ?
My first thought from the picture was ‘Chromebook’!
Nice specs though aside from lack of ethernet port, probably not vital but would feel better having one.