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Nvidia's hosting a summer barbecue at Scan Computers

by Parm Mann on 11 August 2014, 14:50


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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Then pencil this one into your diaries: Scan Computers is playing host to an Nvidia summer barbecue to celebrate the launch of the brand-new Shield Tablet.

This exclusive event will be Scan's biggest to date, spanning two days and encompassing live music from DJ Rasp and Marshall Jefferson, free food and drink, four different gaming tournaments for you to compete in, and an array of goodies to win including a £1,000 cash prize!

Full event details are available at Scan.co.uk, but here's a quick rundown of what's going on:

What’s happening on Friday 15th August?

Friday night we will hold a warm up lock in gaming party, you will get a sneak preview of what's happening the following day and a chance to practice your skill in the games on our award-winning 3XS gaming systems. Afterwards you can head over to Scotts Bar for some drinks or to get some rest for the main event on Saturday.

What’s happening on Saturday 16th August?

There will be a lot happening on Saturday, we will be hosting a League of Legends tournament, there will be free food and drinks available on-site, special offer prices and discounts, an exclusive Nvidia Shield Tablet demonstration, live band performance and DJ, chances to win cash and PC gaming prizes, a chance to meet Scan's sponsored professional gaming Team Dignitas for tips on how to improve your game and much much more!

How to get there

SCAN Computers is located in Bolton Middlebrook, Enterprise park. There are many ways to travel here and places to stay.

Scan Computers International Ltd
25-28, Enterprise Park
Middlebrook, Horwich

Registration is now open so head over to this URL to guarantee your free goodie bag and free food voucher: scan.co.uk/shops/nvidia/shieldevent

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Would love to go to this but with being up north it would be a bit awkward and pricey to actually get there and back :(
Nvidia's hosting a summer barbecue…

Are they providing some GTX480's to cook on…? ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist.
you mean SLI gtx 9800
Nvidia's hosting a summer barbecue…

Are they providing some GTX480's to cook on…? ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

That's the R9 290s job.
Aaw, I would attend but my shield tablet is currently travelling to a mate in the US who won't be here until early September… Oh well, it was worth it.