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One for the diary: Scan Performance Day, March 24

by Parm Mann on 21 March 2012, 11:21


Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qabd5b

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Then why not make your way to the Scan headquarters in Bolton for a Performance Day chock-full of everything the enthusiast's heart desires.

Scan will be hosting gaming tournaments throughout the day that allow you to compete against the revered Team Dignitas, and you can expect plenty of exclusive on-site promotions - including prizes and free gifts for the first 250 users who pre-register prior to arrival.

HEXUS will be there - giving you the chance to meet the team in person - and a little birdy tells us that NVIDIA's next-generation gaming hardware will be present for a live demonstration.

Sound good? You can register now at the official Scan event page and, if you need directions, we've embedded a little map below.

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Love to, but a tad too far for me.
What pains me is that i'll go be going past on the train on my way up to Lancaster :(
Is it just me or you guys missing the point, hint hint from 3rd paragraph.
Is it just me or you guys missing the point, hint hint from 3rd paragraph.

No, we get Kepler will be there but I'm not that bothered I'm going to organise my day around it, never mind Phage, who live bloody miles away.
Fair enough. I am across the pond myself so no way I'll be there. Still, hoping to hear some reviews soon.