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NVIDIA excites geeks with teaser video of next-gen graphics card

by Tarinder Sandhu on 22 March 2011, 13:00


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Graphics-card aficionados may be fervently waiting for the release of NVIDIA's dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590. This is the brute tasked with dethroning arch-rival AMD's Radeon HD 6990 and thus taking the title of world's fastest graphics card.

The release of this NVIDIA monster - which, according to speculation, is composed of two second-generation, 512-core Fermi GPUs operating in tandem via on-card SLI - is supposed to be today. NVIDIA has a history of launching products on a Tuesday, and the release would fit right into the timescale that we've been hearing from partners.

Aficionados, you can relax and stow away that pent-up excitement for another day. You see, NVIDIA isn't launching the GTX 590 today. Rather, it's releasing a teaser video, presented by NVIDIA evangelist Tom Petersen, who talks around the company's next-generation graphics card.

Bizarrely, we're not allowed to talk about which card this is, though we credit our readers with enough intelligence to work out what it is. Feeling a bit woozy? Fancy a clue? Read the first two paragraphs.

What's more, the video tells you when to expect this miracle of engineering. Point your browsers in our direction at 1pm on Thursday, people!

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What is next-gen about it?
Yeah I was wondering that myself. Even nVidia don't really believe that, hence why they had to go back well over a year to find TWIMTBP games that it can beat the 6990 in.

It's actually quite worrying, the 590 is only beating the 580 by 10% in a few of those.
The only benchie thats sub vsync is Crysis.

What is really worrying for NV is that the haven't peddled out unigine and neglected metro if that is their slide….
It's actually quite worrying, the 590 is only beating the 580 by 10% in a few of those.

That scaling is woeful! Maybe it's a spoiler to disarm the competition and make the product look worse that it actually is - wouldn't have expected them to show any slides where they are beaten by the 6990.
Yeah unfortunately for nVidia, they seem to have chosen games with bad scaling in both sli and crossfire, which speaks volumes.

Ah it's only 2 more days till the full reviews, but judging by that slide the 6990 will be fastest single card for 2011 and nVidia can look forward to putting the Fermi episode behind them.