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Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB XE 11G launched

by Mark Tyson on 19 June 2017, 10:02

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Back at Computex Gigabyte launched its Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G, which subsequently won a prize as the 'best Nvidia graphics card' in the European Hardware Awards 2017. Now it has followed up with a derivative of this design for PCs with existing liquid cooling loops called the Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition 11G.

Many of the important specifications of this graphics card can be gleaned from Gigabyte's naming scheme. So, yes this is a graphics card based upon an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, it is fitted with a Waterforce water block (WB) and it is a factory overclocked Extreme Edition (XE), and last but not least it sports 11GB of GDDR5X memory. Less apparent are the 352-bit memory interface, and the 12+2 power phases for OC flexibility. Furthermore, the GPU has been selected for excellent OC potential via Gigabyte's GPU Gauntlet Sorting techniques.

Key GPU clock performance specs are as follows:

  • Boost: 1746 MHz / Base: 1632 MHz in OC mode
  • Boost: 1721 MHz / Base: 1607 MHz in Gaming mode
  • (Reference Card Boost: 1582 MHz / Base: 1480 MHz)

Other important aspects of this product come from the supporting design niceties such as the Waterforce water block cooling system design. This solution uses dual copper plates - front and back, for dissipating heat from the GPU, VRAM, and MOSFET areas. The 'optimised flow design' water block covers a large area of the card.

Unsurprisingly Gigabyte has kitted out this card with its RGB Fusion 16.8M customisable LED colour options and effects. All the usual colour effects and cycling options are available and these can be coordinated with other RGB Fusion components.

This will launch as one of the fastest GTX 1080 TI cards on the market. Buyers get a 4-year warranty for this 'premium build in every aspect' Aorus product. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

For those more interested in a card like the above but with an AiO cooler, VideoCardz reports that such a product is also on the verge of launching.