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In Win launches the 'premium affordable' 303 PC chassis

by Mark Tyson on 19 May 2016, 15:01

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Innovative and left field chassis specialist In Win has introduced a new PC gaming chassis today. The In Win 303 is constructed from 1.2mm SECC steel and 3mm tempered glass, but this 'premium' constructed chassis comes with an affordable price tag, according to its makers. The overall look is minimal except for a single neon strip along the upper right of the front panel which displays the In Win logo and lights up the array of easy access ports.

In Win says the design of the 303 chassis follows and "exquisitely modest aesthetic". However, its modesty can't be helped by the full pane tempered glass on the left side displaying all your throbbing LED-equipped components. Thankfully, if modestly really is your aim, In Win can provide a closed panel, with thumbscrews, rather than the tool-less glass option.

The chassis is a large mid-tower design measuring 500mm x 215mm x 480mm and weighing 10.9Kg. System builders can fit ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX motherboards with up to 7x expansion slots. For storage you can fit 2x 3.5-inch drives and 2x 2.5-inch drives, with a maximum of 3 drive bays fitted. Cooling is versatile, with fittings for fans at the bottom, back and top of the chassis as well as liquid cooling radiators up to 360mm in length and 70mm thick. Maximum compatibility is as follows; a CPU heatsink height of 160mm, a graphics card length of 350mm, and a PSU length of 300mm.

In Win boasts of its attention to detail with this chassis design and puts forward as examples the construction quality, the separated PSU chamber, and the thoughtful 'GPU holder' mechanism for longer graphics cards.

The In Win 303 will be available in black or white versions with the option of a solid or transparent side panel. Front connectivity includes USB 3.0 (2x), USB 2.0 (2x) and 3.5mm stereo HD audio jacks situated beneath the power button and In Win logo. We haven't been supplied with availability details, or with any pricing indications to back up the 'affordable' claims.

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Its so close… just the IN WIN badge on the front, other than that it looks lovely.

Looks kinda like an LCD panel though, that would be alright.
so many possibilities in that case!, would love to see this in the hands of modders to see what they can do with it.
Its so close… just the IN WIN badge on the front, other than that it looks lovely.
yeah that logo and glowing ports ruins the look in my opinion too, a nice simple small silver logo would have been so much nicer
Let's hope In Win's idea of “affordable” is somewhat close to the general public's idea of “affordable”. I really like this case. I've been planning a blue/white build for a while.
Not enough Drive bays.

And i still hanker for a 5.25 optical….. you never know when your ganna wanna watch a blu-ray on your pc.