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FOXCONN wax lyrical at Computex 2006

by Nick Haywood on 10 June 2006, 10:11

Tags: Foxconn (TPE:2317)

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When not to unleash PR on the labelling...

HEXUS@Computex logo
Sometimes it pays NOT to let the marketing and PR folks anywhere near a product… clear delineation is needed to make sure the average hack gets the info he needs… so checking out the placards for the various cases FOXCONN have on show proved to be… enlightening… Now this first one you can forgive as they’ve obviously decided to aim a case at wine bores…

So you can see a theme in the label for the TW1242A which reads “ “Deep Wine” Mellowness: Unforgettable dry red wine, too impatient to wait to open, the mellowness blows on your face and you and your lover are inebriated”

Erm… yes.

So I decided to have a stroll around the rest of the cases on display, which I will now reproduce here, in all their unedited glory as a testament to what an active imagination and Alta Vista’s Babelfish can do… read on and enjoy…

The TLM1124
Like cut by a sharp knife, the arc that is full of vitality impresses you deeply. Incising button and bezel integrated well and saves the cost. Simple image and excellent ventilation No, we’ve no idea on this one…

The TLM1293
The combination of blue and white makes you feel the naivete (sic) and gentleness of young maiden. The kissing pigs image is so cute and the soft snout is remarkably like the true. Try as I might, I couldn’t find pigs or true soft snouts anywhere…

The S11300
Deep love
You feels a little tired after watching TV and sleepy, (sic) and your son brings you a cup of orange juice. What a cozy life.
Orange juice? A computer case aimed at tea-total families perhaps?

The TW1242B
“White” Faint Scent:
The morning sunshine on the window sill, you feel you should do something. Your lover hands you a cup of lemonade and says, “You need it”.
My lover says I need it? I’m dehydrated over a computer case? Or are FOXCONN endorsing meeting strangers on the internet with the TW1242B? I think we should be told!

A representative for FOXCONN refused to comment, but did say that whatever the PR people were on, he’d like some too.


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