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Corsair upgrades Carbide Series with low-noise 330R

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 June 2013, 18:15

Tags: Corsair

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Corsair has tried something rather different with the Carbide Air 540 chassis, but it's moving back to more familiar ground with the Carbide 330R and we got a chance to have a look at a model just before the official launch at Computex 2013.

Building on the platform first established by the Carbide 300R released last year, the new chassis puts considerably more focus on low-noise operation than its forebear. It also adds support for larger radiators and takes a few more design cues from the dearer Obsidian line.

Corsair's George Makris once again provides a detailed description of the new chassis' design and features, so hit up the video and make your own mind up as to whether this new case is worth the Ā£70 asking price.


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The video was good, but couldn't see the case probably because the room was so dark :/
and the close ups were from the same angle - nice, but I saw that already.

Quite impressive that he manages to rattle through all that info at such a pace!
Definitely could have done with more direct looks into the case itself. Liking the extra height to fit a h100 at the top.
I'm going to laugh if the front io audio is still reversed. Nice clean revision though.