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SilverStone to bring Raven RV04, FT04 and SG10 to market

by Tarinder Sandhu on 11 January 2013, 04:30

Tags: SilverstoneTek

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SilverStone Technology's marketing manager, Tony Ou, detailed three 'new' gaming-focussed chassis at CES 2013.


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The Raven RV04, which we first saw last year's Computex trade show, is now closer to being released, with the company quoting a Q1 2013 launch. It still looks good to our eyes but, personally speaking, I prefer the cleaner looks of the FT04, which is due to launch at the same time for $200 - or $50 above the RV04.

I was impressed with the micro-ATX-sized SG09 from last year, but feedback from customers has led to SilverStone offering the SG10 - the same as the SG09 from an internal standpoint but now with an aluminium front panel that does look markedly nicer to my tired peepers. This box of tricks will set you back around $120 (Ā£99) when released in a month or two.

What do you, the readers, think? SilverStone has taken its time getting these full-tower chassis ready, but are they worth the wait, given that the competition is producing high-quality structures that were historically SilverStone's domain.

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Anyone want my SG06? There's an SG10 I wanna buy!
Yeah, that SG10 does look like a good setup!
Oh how thankful are we for the SG10, the 09 was so ugly!

Can't really say the Raven does anything for me but the new Fortress looks pretty nice.
I wish Silverstone would make up their mind on the Motherboard placement.

First they set out a normal lay out (CPU top & PCI lanes below) & then the RV01 they set it one way (working from the left of the case on a 90 spin layout) & then RV02/FT02 (working on the right side again on the same 90 spin) & now a upside down motherboard layout !…
I'm wondering how loud running a mid range gaming rig on the silverstone would sound