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PC Enthusiasts’ ‘Dream Machine’ on Display at CeBIT 2005

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ABIT (TW), Kingston Technology (US), ATI (CA) and asetek (DK) have united to configure and present the ultimate dream machine for PC enthusiasts at CeBIT 2005. Equipped with top picked hardware this adventurous and ice-cold PC runs with an amazing CPU speed at +5000 MHz.

ABIT Computer Corporation, Kingston Technology, ATI Technologies Inc. and asetek® Incorporated have joined forces at this year’s CeBIT 2005 to present the ultimate dream machine for PC enthusiasts and gamers. The system based on VapoChill® CPU cooling, WaterChill™ graphics, hard drive and motherboard chipset cooling, ABIT Fatal1ty AA8 XE motherboard, ATI RADEON X850XT PE graphics card, Kingston Technology HyperX PC6000 765MHz DDR2 RAM and Intel P4 3.8GHz CPU overclocked to +5000MHz is displayed at the ABIT booth (A50) - Hall 23.

Morten Berg-Christensen, Communication Manager at asetek believes, “The jointly configured system forms the basis of the ultimate dream machine for PC enthusiasts and gamers available on the market today. The CPU runs with a magnificent speed at +5000MHz, the Front Side Bus (FSB) will be close to 270MHz and the memory speed 765MHz."

Berg-Christensen continues, "All essential hardware components will be cooled down with phase-change cooling and water-cooling, especially the CPU that will be taken to -33/-50C degrees by the powerful cooling unit mounted in the VapoChill® LightSpeed system. Furthermore, the graphics card, hard drive and the motherboard chipset will be chilled by asetek’s highly regarded and award winning water-cooling product line, WaterChill™.”

Larry Wu, Marketing Manager at ABIT comments, “As one of the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, ABIT is extremely pleased to be working together with Kingston Technology, ATI and asetek to configure the ultimate dream machine. The ABIT Fatal1ty Hardware Series has shaken up the industry since its release. By partnering with 9-time World Champion Gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, ABIT Fatal1ty products deliver the speed and stability to obliterate the competition.”

“This project has been dedicated to the creation of a 'dream machine' and is the perfect match for Kingston Technology, since its HyperX DDR RAM series has been developed to provide a true and excellent performance,” says Brigitte Haas, PR Manager EMEA at Kingston Technology.

Haas continues, “It is truly remarkable to see what can be achieved when highly qualified companies like ABIT, ATI, asetek and Kingston Technology team up to set new milestones in the PC industry. The amazing CPU speeds and overall performance of this Power PC system really shows that it is the careful choice and configuration of individual hardware components that in the end provide the demanding PC end-user with true customer value.”

Uwe Semtner, Marketing Director, EMEA, ATI Technologies (Europe) GmbH comments, "The dream PC that will be showcased at the ATI CeBIT Entertainment Park will demonstrate world-class hardware from ABIT, ATI, asetek and Kingston Technology and will offer the ultimate in gaming performance. ATI is delighted to provide the performance-leading RADEON X850 XT Platinum Edition graphics hardware as part of this enthusiast gaming solution."

The +5000MHz Power PC system will be displayed at: Hall 23, Stand A50

Please note that two similar dream machines will be displayed at the ATI stand (Hall 27, Stand A02) for some serious gaming. So get in the game and try these systems out at the ATI booth!