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New RGB Liquid Series® configurator launched

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New RGB Liquid Series®configurator launched at PCSpecialist 

Our RGB Liquid Series kit matches our ‘High Kit’ but with the addition of RGB Cooling Components.

We have included an RGB Pump, Reservoir and CPU Block from EK (EKWB) as well as 6x RGB Fans.

By ensuring that the customer also has the choice of RGB Memory, Fans and LEDs to go along with the RGB EK Parts, you can be rest assured that your PC is going to look amazing, and be much more personal to you.

This kit contains;

- 1x RGB CPU Block
- 1x 240mm Radiator
- 1x 360mm Radiator
- 6x RGB Fans
- 1x RGB 150ml Reservoir
- 1x RGB Pump

The ‘High Kit’ in our Liquid Series® system range is the perfect kit for the gaming enthusiast. Capable of cooling multiple GPUs and with multiple radiators, you can be confident that your Liquid Series® temperatures will remain low whilst keeping your frames high. The ‘High Kit’ is the go-to kit for high end gaming and can power through anything you throw at it. As with all our Liquid Series® systems, you can customise your PC with our wide range of colours.
Liquid Series High Kit is designed to support up to three Liquid Cooled Graphics Cards. We recommend selecting either of the following Graphics Card Cooling Options;

EK - For One Graphics Card 
EK - For Two Identical Graphics Cards
EK - For Three Identical Graphics Cards

Our Liquid Series® Range started in May 2016, and has since had a couple of additions along the way to ensure that the customer is getting their dream PC.

At PCSpecialist we have always believed our customers should be able to order the PC of their dreams, never more so than with Liquid Series®.

Truly design your PC to your personality. Our Liquid Series® offers you the freedom to customise your system to your heart's desire - with a wide selection of colours across the cooling, lighting and cables! Regardless of the choices you make, it will surely be a great centrepiece to any gaming setup.

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