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FSP Group Relaunches the Aurora PSU series – redefining what a power supply can offer.

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Taiwan, 19th May 2003 – Leading power supply manufacturer FSP Group is to relaunch the Aurora PSU series as a retail package. This innovative new product will allow FSP Group to further establish and strengthen their position in the retail channel and will allow all users to benefit from their leading high quality power supplies.

The Aurora Series is based on the innovative PN range. These power supplies incorporate the same revolutionary huge 12cm exhaust fan, which is situated directly above the CPU upon installation. This gives sufficient airflow for cooling even at very low fan RPM, allowing for a virtually silent operation. What’s more, the position of the fan allows efficient cooling for the system as a whole, exhausting heat directly from the CPU fan.

2 models will be available, giving a choice to the user depending on their power requirements:
Aurora 300, 300W
Aurora 350, 350W


The Aurora series redefines what a power supply can offer to the end-user. It is designed to satisfy the most demanding of computer enthusiasts. On top of the already revolutionary 12cm fan concept, the casing is nickel-plated; giving it anti-corrosive properties and enhanced aesthetics. With its overclocking control on the exhaust fan RPM; high performance systems can be ventilated like never before. With the increasing desire for computer enthusiasts to have clear side panels in their chassis in order to exhibit high performance components, the Aurora series provides illumination with bright blue LEDs incorporated into the translucent fan. This provides illumination within the chassis without the need for additional light source.

All models in the Aurora series are fully compatible with Intel Pentium 4 and the latest AMD Athlon XP PCs. As always, the power supplies are energy star compliant to satisfy environmental agency directives. The Aurora series accommodates a 230V AC input and has a power efficiency output of 70% at full load. In order to meet EU regulations on EMC and harmonics, passive power factor correction has been designed in from the outset. Over voltage and short-circuit protections safeguard delicate system components, with agency approval from UL, CSA, NEMKO, CB and CE.

With advanced onsite test equipment FSP Group’s engineers have been able to design products such as the Aurora Series. Custom designed wind tunnels have been built for testing their fans, the PCB layout and the overall airflow efficiency. For noise calculations, the Anechoic Chamber provides the means for measuring a single power supply or system, replicating real life conditions. For further reference to our this product, please visit our website at www.fsp-