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FSP Group announces the new energy-saving power supply “Green Power”

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Today’s revolutionary power supply meets tomorrow’s environmentally friendly regulations for low power consumption PCs

Taiwan, 15th May 2003 – FSP Group, a leading power supply manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of a new generation of power supplies, the Green Power series. These power supplies have only a small Standby current consumption but incorporate the same innovative power, which work with less than one watt stand-by.

Four models will be available, allowing users a choice depending on their power requirements.

Green Power FSP250-60GRE, 250W

Green Power FSP250-60GRE(PF), 250W+PFC

Green Power FSP300-60GRE, 300W

Green Power FSP300-60GRE(PF), 300W+PFC

The Green Power series has a low standby power consumption compared to conventional power supplies. The input power of the Green Power PSU is less than 1W at PS-OFF (main power shut down) and 5 Vsb 0.1A load (0.5W load) when input line is at AC 230V. It is a high efficiency switching power supply with a Passive PFC circuit (optional) to meet EN61000-3-2/1995 +A1/1998 +A2/1998 +A14/2000. Additionally the Green Power is manufactured with a high-quality vacuum-impregnated transformer and is provided with a line input fuse protection. The power supply’s function even at hot temperatures (40°C). It will exceed 70% efficiency when power is at full load. Additionally they feature overvoltage and short circuit protection for high system security and increased stability. The protection systems have been approved by leading agencys like UL, CSA NEMKO, CB and CE.

FSP Group designed such a power supply in order to efficiently save power. Engineers designed this power supply series so that it reaches the typical FSP characteristics such as optimized airflow and low noise to keep up with the high FSP standards. All models in the Green Power series are compatible with the latest Intel Pentium 4 and Athlon XP CPUs. In order to meet EU regulations on EMC and harmonics, passive power factor correction has been incorporated in the design from the outset.

Prices and availabilities

FSP’s “Green Power” FSP- 300-60GRE is now available at 52 euros (incl. VAT).

More about FSP GROUP

SPI is a subsidiary company of FSP GROUP. Accumulating experiences for many years, FSP GROUP has been building on concrete foundations in the field of “Switching Power Supplies” and is proud to be a world leader in the volume production of ATX power supplies, industrial PC

power supplies, Open Frames, Adapters and Inverters. FSP, headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan R.O.C. with its factories in PR China and global sales offices in Germany, UK, USA, China & Taiwan. Having acquired enough experience in product development and marketing routes, FSP GROUP’s marketing bases located all over the world will assist FSP GROUP in raising its power supplies to another level facing the fierce competition in the Global market! SPI employs in Taiwan more than 250 people and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Market since October 2002