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DrayTek release multi-DSL router firewall

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Features include VDSL and IPv6 Support

Tuesday 7 February - DrayTek launches the Vigor 2850 series router, their new flagship premium router/firewall. Complementing DrayTek's popular Vigor 2830 series the new series comes packed full of features now with additional VDSL connectivity 
as well as the ADSL2+ connectivity of the Vigor2830 series.

This means that the Vigor 2850 can operate on an ADSL and a VDSL line simultaneously, or use ADSL as a backup in case of VDSL failure.

Other stand out features include 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with multiple private subnets, switchable dual-band WiFi and support for VDSL, ADSL, Cable and 3G broadband, all four of which can be used simultaneously.

The Vigor 2850 is also the latest DrayTek product to support IPv6, the next generation of IP addressing for the Internet and LANs. IPv6 support on the Vigor 2850 includes:

  • Connectivity to direct native IPv6 ISPs
  • Built-in tunneling to 3rd party IPv6 brokers supporting TSPC or AICCU methods 
  • Default stateful firewall for all IPv6 ClientsDHCPv6 Client or Static IPv6 Client
  • DHCPv6 & RADVD for client configuration
  • IP Filtering Rules
  • QoS for IPv6 with DiffServ
  • Router Management over IPv6 (Telnet/HTTP) with IPv6 Access List
  • Simultaneous (concurrent) operation with IPv4 ("Dual Stack")
  • Supports IPv6 on any one of the WAN interfaces (ADSL, VDSL, 3G/USB or Ethernet)

Network administrators will also appreciate the dual login capability for user and administrator. The Vigor 2850 series consists of three models; a standard model (Vigor 2850), a wireless model supporting switchable dual-band wireless 802.11n (Vigor 2850n) and a model also providing twin VoIP phone ports (Vigor 2850Vn).

The VLAN feature allows for each of the four Ethernet LAN ports to be isolated from each other, for example to serve 4 different companies or departments. More sophisticated users may wish to use the 802.1q tagged VLAN feature whereby data is marked with the unique VLAN identifier to be onward read and directed by another Ethernet switch.

Add to this 32 dial-in/dial-out VPN tunnels, DrayTek's comprehensive and robust firewall, web content filtering with Globalview and extensive QoS settings, the Vigor 2850 is a truly high end product for the most sophisticated business user.

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About DrayTek

DrayTek are a leading manufacturer of "business class" broadband and networking solutions that help consumers and businesses save money and improve efficiency by exploiting the full potential of the internet.  The product range includes routers, firewalls, PBXs, IP Phones, switches and wireless access points.