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Rivet Networks announces the Killer E2600

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Available now in products from MSI, Dell-Alienware, Acer, and GIGABYTE, the Killer E2600 and the new Killer Intelligence Engine deliver improved online entertainment experiences.

Taipei, Taiwan - (May 28, 2019) – Rivet Networks is pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of the all-new Killer E2600 Gigabit Ethernet controller and an updated version of the Killer Control Center that features the new and improved Killer Intelligence Engine.  

The Best Gigabit Experience 

The Killer E2600 is the perfect blend of Killer’s most advanced networking features and the latest gigabit Ethernet technology. It is the ideal choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts who want the best gigabit network connectivity in their PCs.  The Killer E2600 delivers incredible online experiences – low latency gaming, smooth HD streaming video, and interrupt-free voice and video chats.   

The Killer E2600 uses Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology to detect thousands of games, applications, and websites, and then leverages Killer’s Lag and Latency Reduction Technology to prioritize the most important networking traffic for fast, smooth online gaming and entertainment experiences.

The E2600 features Killer’s powerful GameFast Technology, which protects gamers from applications and processes that unnecessarily consume CPU and memory resources that should be devoted to keeping games playing fast and smooth.  By automatically pausing these processes that are not needed when gaming, GameFast frees up to 10% of CPU cycles and 20% of memory during gameplay.   GameFast is simple to use and works automatically, all the user needs to do is turn it on and enjoy the faster gaming experience.

Eliminate Networking Headaches

Network issues are incredibly frustrating and it is often difficult to identify the real problem.  Unlike CPU or graphics technology, your PC’s networking performance is influenced by many outside factors that can change on a minute-by-minute basis.   The new and improved Killer Intelligence Engine automatically analyzes the network is able to address most issues automatically or by having the user fix the issue with a single click.  The single click method helps the user fix problems that require user intervention such as connecting to a better performing access point or updating the Killer settings for optimal performance.  For those problems that are outside of your PC’s control the Killer Intelligence Engine will still recommend how to best optimize the network for ideal performance.

“With the E2600 announcement at Computex, we continue our long tradition of making online gaming and entertainment experiences better, faster, and smarter” said Rivet Networks’ CEO Michael Cubbage. “We understand that there are many things that contribute to poor network performance and users are frustrated with the current set of tools available to try and fix network issues.  The Killer Intelligence Engine takes the guess work out of networking by either automatically fixing the issue or providing the user with a simple recommendation on how to improve their online experience.”

“As the online gaming market thrives, providing the most advanced network experience for gamers has been an essential focus of MSI. With the new Killer solution, gamers can enjoy a low latency connection on the latest MSI laptops,” said Derek Chen, MSI notebook marketing director.

For more information about the Killer E2600 or the Killer Intelligence Engine, please visit www.killernetworking.com.

About Rivet Networks

Rivet Networks is a technology and products company that focuses on creating the best possible networking experience. Rivet offers a mix of hardware, software and cloud-based technologies to deliver solutions that are both powerful and intuitive. Through their Killer™ line of networking products, Rivet Networks offers unprecedented speed, intelligence and control for gamers and performance users alike. For more information about the Killer brand of technologies, please visit http://www.killernetworking.com.