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Intel has acquired Rivet Networks

by Mark Tyson on 21 May 2020, 12:11

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Rivet Networks

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Rivet Networks is at the forefront of PC enthusiast/gamer networking technologies with its Killer branded Ethernet and Wi-Fi solutions. Rivet and Intel had a close working relationship as the Killer product line was built upon Intel hardware with Rivet Network firmware, software and cloud technologies leveraged to optimise Wi-Fi connectivity and bandwidth utilisation. Now Intel has acquired Rivet Networks and will be bringing the staff, and tech into the fold, to better serve customers, ecosystem and channel partners.

In its blog, Intel referred to Rivet Networks technology as "a terrific complement to our existing Wi-Fi products". Intel reminded readers that Killer networking products "deliver speed, intelligence and control for gamers and performance users… maximizing Wi-Fi bandwidth utilization and optimize the wireless network connection on your platform". Additionally, Killer DoubleShot tech can combine your Ethernet and Wi-Fi to prioritise traffic over both connections.

Rivet Networks' team is now set to join Intel's Wireless Solutions Group within the Client Computing Group. The Killer branded NICs will be integrated into Intel's broader PC Wi-Fi portfolio. Intel will license the use of Killer software to customers, and thanks to continuing with the team behind the tech, it will continue to be developed and refined.

At this time, Intel shared that it is busy in the WI-Fi arena with leading the development and testing of 801.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), advocating and developing new standards, and developing the best PC and connectivity experiences in general.

Rivet Networks evolved from Bigfoot Networks which introduced Killer Networking products over 10 years ago. Qualcomm subsequently bought Bigfoot, and about five years ago Rivet Networks became a separate spinoff organisation. Rivet Networks is a pretty small company considering its brand recognition and partnerships, with fewer than 20 employees.

The last Rivet Networks product we had a look at, at HEXUS, was the firm's refreshed E3100 2.5Gbps Ethernet controller.

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Expect some product rebranding from Intel then, using Killer the same way Dell use Alienware.
thats something Intel could benefit from on all brands and platforms… and probably also something I would buy.
Other way round, Rivet already rebrand Intel products as their own, nearly all their wireless chips are based on Intel ones with custom firmware and drivers. Quite a smart move from Intel as they get the best of both worlds.
I'm curious what Killer tech we'll see incorporated on the Intel side - I think that will be the real indication of which of their tech was real vs. just marketing.
Facebook as important traffic :D That's the f****** killer!