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New Curved Ultra-Wide iiyama G-Master GB3466WQSU Red Eagle with FreeSync™ Premium Pro

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The 34’’ G-Master GB3466WQSU supports FreeSync Premium Pro meaning it offers low framerate compensation putting an end to tearing or stuttering issues at virtually any framerate and supports HDR400. Inspired by the curve of the human eye, the 1500R curvature of the screen guarantees a realistic and comfortable viewing experience allowing you to really immerse yourself in the game.

In addition to being curved, the GB3466WQSU features a massive 3440x1440 resolution which allows gamers to see more of the battlefield without constantly having to switch the view. It makes the monitor extremely well-suited for first-person gaming, and the benefits are clear with all other gaming genres as well.

Offering HDR400 support, the screen guarantees high luminance with meticulous colour reproduction and the VA panel technology provides excellent contrast ratio making all the nuances between the light and dark colours clearly visible. To further enhance the visibility in shadowed areas, users can switch on the Black Tuner function improving viewing performance and helping to spot the enemy earlier.

The GB3466WQSU offers 1ms MPRT response time and 144Hz refresh rate. The screen is equipped with two HDMI and two DisplayPort inputs. It also features a headphone connector and two USB 3.0 hubs. The height adjustable stand allows users to easily adjust the screen position to their preferences. The flicker-free and blue light reducer technologies reduce the strain put on the eyes by long hours spent in front of a screen.

The new Red Eagle offers low input latency and the Adaptive Sync technology provides dynamic adjusting of the monitor's vertical refresh rate to the frame rate of the graphics card while the low framerate compensation effectively removes the minimum refresh rate boundary, putting an end to virtually any tearing or stuttering issues.

For more information, please visit https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/g-master-gb3466wqsu-b1/


G-Master GB3466WSU-B1 Red Eagle

Screen Size


Response time & Freq.

1ms MPRT, 48~144Hz, FreeSync™ Premium Pro

Panel and resolution

VA panel technology (3 Side Borderless)

UWQHD 3440 x 1440 @144Hz

Height adjustment



HDMI (max 100Hz), DisplayPort (max 144Hz)


OverDrive, Black Tuner, Blue Light Reducer, Predefined and Custom Gaming Modes, HDR 400, LFC (low framerate compensation)

Audio / Others

2x5W speakers, headphone connector, USB HUB 2x3.0


For further information, please contact:

  • Steve Kilroy               Country Sales Manager UK                              E s.kilroy@iiyama.com
  • Renuka Malaha          Marketing & Communication Specialist            E r.malaha@iiyama.com 

About iiyama G-MASTER™

The iiyama G-Master™ #monitors4gamers represent four different clans. To join the pro squad choose Red Eagle™ offering 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate. To enter the game, go for the 1ms @75Hz refresh rate Black Hawk™. The WQHD, 1ms @75Hz Silver Crow™ allows you to enter a new dimension of gaming and the 4K Gold Phoenix™ makes you feel really immersed in the game. All G-Master™ #monitors4gamers support Adaptive Sync technology. For more information, please visit https://gmaster.iiyama.com


Red Eagle™

Black Hawk™

Silver Crow™

Gold Phoenix™

Available sizes (‘’)

24.5¹, 27², 34³&4

22, 24.5¹, 27¹




TN Full HD¹&²,


TN Full HD





Response time

1ms MPRT/144Hz³&4







HAS, ultra slim line,


With or without HAS¹, ultra slim line¹


HAS, ultra slim line