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AOC’s Q27T1 monitor – Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

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Amsterdam, 5 November 2019 – Since it was first announced earlier this year, design-conscious users have been anticipating the moment when they could put the AOC Q27T1 designed by Studio F. A. Porsche on their desks. The time has finally arrived. The 68.6 cm (27”) monitor with its QHD resolution IPS panel, zero edge, genuine three-sides frameless design, and unique stand is a true piece of art and turns work into a pleasure.  

Vivacious design, visionary asymmetry

The Q27T1 asymmetrical stand’s unique design surprises with the way it logically follows the distribution of force within the monitor to perfectly balance the monitor’s weight. This design accentuates the sophisticated structural engineering to hold the monitor in place, making it somewhat of a modern sculpture.

The three-sides frameless display with zero edge design hides the frame on the left and right sides behind the panel to make it genuinely frameless. The lower bezel is enhanced with a glossy shine, while the matte curved back underlines the clean design of the monitor. The Q27T1’s I/O ports are hidden under a cover, leaving just a small opening for outgoing cables which adds to its overall sleek look. No matter if for professional or home use, design enthusiasts, will definitely enjoy having this screen on their desk. 

It is not just appearances

The AOC Q27T1 features a 27” IPS panel that delivers excellent colour reproduction and wide viewing angles. The Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) combined with anti-glare coating provides excellent, sharp imagery. The display additionally offers a wide colour gamut, covering 90% of the NTSC and 107% of the sRGB colour spaces and a first-class brightness of 350 nits. Being equipped with two HDMI and one DisplayPort sockets, it can be connected to a wide variety of devices.

AOC’s Q27T1 is available in November 2019 at an MSRP of £279

More information and technical specification: https://eu.aoc.com/en/monitors/q27t1

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFflu8zSs1w

About AOC

AOC is one of the global top brands in the display market. High quality, first-rate service, attractive designs as well as environmentally friendly, ergonomic and innovative products at competitive prices are the reasons why more and more consumers, corporate decision-makers and distribution partners trust in AOC. AOC offers displays which cater to every type of user, be it for professional, home, entertainment or gaming use. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer.