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iiyama is stretching their digital signage offering

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March 13 2019, This February, iiyama has introduced two new stretched ‘bar’ displays to their digital signage line-up. With these two new displays iiyama is stretching their signage offering and promising a more diversified line-up; making the commitment to specialism. 

The two new displays are available in 28” and 38” and feature a brightness of 1000cd/m2 and a 24/7 operating time with portrait and landscape orientation; making them highly suited for use as an in-store promotional display attention grabber or as a signage solution in places where a regular 16:9 display simply won’t fit.

Both displays are sunlight readable thanks to their higher brightness of 1000cd/m2 which means that they can also be used in brightly-lit environments such as shops and shop windows or office spaces with a lot of glass. They come with an automatic brightness sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of the display to match the brightness of the environment.

The S2820HSB and the S3820HSB offer a lot of freedom in installation and use. The 1/3 height of the displays means they can be used virtually anywhere. 
On top of a make-up display showing the latest colors together with tips on applying make-up, in between two elevators or above your pharmacy reception window displaying the latest news and offers to waiting customers. Both displays are also equipped with two handles on the back, VESA mounting patterns and a left and right portrait orientation for flexibility, versatility and ease-of-installation.

The new bar displays open up new possibilities for in-store promotions for brands, retailers and end-customers. Giving brands the opportunity to advertise right next to the product; boosting visibility, brand recognition and allowing brands to tailor their message to specific products and promotions at shelf level”, says Lewis Clifford, Sales Manager Professional Displays for the UK.

The all new-stretched ‘bar’ displays are ideally suited for retail, businesses, transportation and health care environments. They are available at selected iiyama resellers and distributors throughout the UK.



ProLite S2820HSB-B1

ProLite S3820HSB-B1




Native resolution

1920 x 360 (0.7 megapixels)

1920 x 540 (1.0 megapixels)

Response time

8 ms

8 ms


1000 cd/m2

1000 cd/m2

Static contrast




Landscape & portrait

Landscape & portrait







Bezel width (L&R/T/B)




737 x 170 x 57.9 mm / 5.5 kg

962.6 x 304.9 x 54.2mm / 8.8 kg

Special features

Sunlight readable, ambient light sensor and portrait orientation left and right

Retail price

£1033 ex VAT

£1262 ex VAT


More information

For further information about the two new displays, please visit:

ProLite S2820HSB-B1: https://iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-s2820hsb-b1/ 
ProLite S3820HSB-B1: https://iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-s3820hsb-b1/

For further information about iiyama, please visit iiyama.com/gb_en/

About iiyama:

Based in Japan, iiyama is a leading international display solutions manufacturer enabling individuals and organizations to interact with the world around them since 1973. Our desktop monitors support people at work and at home. Our Large Format Displays and touchscreen solutions help businesses get their message across to their partners and clients. The iiyama G-Master #monitors4gamers help gamers unlock their full gaming potential.