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AVADirect Now Offers GTX 680M In Clevo Gaming Notebooks


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Twinsburg, OH - June 5th, 2012 - Today AVADirect, a leading custom computer manufacturer, announced that they are now offering the new Nvidia GTX 680M graphics processing unit. The GTX 680M is based off of the GTX 680 desktop graphics processing unit that Nvidia recently released within the past two months. They produced ground-breaking performance benchmarks, and reached a whole new level of capabilities that were not tapped by the desktop graphics community. Now, the NVIDIA GTX 680M plans to do the same for mobile platforms across the world.

The GTX 680M includes all features the previous 670M series graphics cards offered. Specifications for the GTX 680M series graphics card includes:

GeForce GTX 680M
NVIDIA® CUDATM Cores 1344 Blu-Ray 3D support Yes
Graphics Clock (MHz) 720 DirectX 11 support Yes
Texture Fill Rate (billions/sec) 30.4 OpenGL 4.1 support Yes
Memory Clock (MHZ) 1800 Windows Vista, XP and 7 Yes
Standard Memory Configuration GDDR5 LCD - eDP 1.2 support Up to 3840x2160
Memory Interface Width 256 bit LCD - LVDS support Up to 1920x1200
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 115.2 VGA analog display support Up to 2048x1536
GDDR5 support Yes DisplayPort multimode support Up to 3840x2160
NVIDIA® OptimusTM Support Yes HDMI support Yes
NVIDIA FXAA Support Yes HDCP content protection Yes
NVIDIA TXAA Support Yes 7.1 channel HD audio on HDMI Yes
NVIDIA® PhysX® capable Yes TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio Bitstreaming Yes
NVIDIA® 3D VisionTM / 3DTV PlayTM support Yes PCI Express 2.0 support Yes
OpenCL and DirectCompute support Yes PCI Express 3.0 support Yes
H.264, VC1, MPEG2 1080p video decoder Yes NVIDIA SLI-Ready Yes

The GTX 680M is a true Kepler-based design; not a resized, die-reduced design based on the previous 670M series mobile graphics cards. Due to this, heat output is significantly reduced. This make the GTX 680M a very worth contender compared to ATI's 7970M mobile graphics card, released within the last month. Accordingly to benchmarks, previously leaked to the public, the GTX 680M holds an average of a 30% increase over the ATI 7970M graphics card and a solid 80% over NVIDIA's previous GTX 580M mobile graphics card. As one can observe, from review the specifications above, NVIDIA has released a revolutionary graphics card that will improve and change the way we look at mobile graphic card performance forever.

AVADirect has begun offering the GTX 680M graphics processing unit in Clevo P170EM & P150EM notebooks. Although the option is available, AVADirect does not expect availability of the GTX 680M graphics processing units until the end of June 2012. Those interested in the GTX 680M solution are welcome to contact the AVADirect sales line for more information.

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