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Dell and Alienware at Computex 2019

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  • New ultra portable Alienware m15 and m17 laptops designed from the ground up to optimise 9th Gen Intel Core CPUs, NVIDIA 16 series GPUs, new display technologies and feature Alienware’s new design ID Legend
  • Dell G3 15 laptop updated with new Game Shift feature to increase performance and the latest chips from Intel and NVIDIA
  • Alienware debuts two iconic audio enhancers, the Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset and Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset that provide amazing clarity
  • Dell is first in the industry to implement Eyesafe® display technology in PCs to reduce harmful blue light without compromising colour gamut in screen
  • Dell introduces new Home Installation Service for convenient in-home PC gaming setup and optimisation
  • Dell brings winning esports experience to educational institutions curriculum with dedicated technology experts, solutions and more 

Dell and Alienware are tapped into what the community wants - gaming solutions with more performance, portability, display technologies, and community benefits. This year at Computex 2019, Dell and Alienware will deliver on this and more. The new Alienware m15 and m17 as well as the Dell G3 15 are among the first ultra portable laptops to showcase a brand-new design and processors that supercharge the PC gaming experience. Two Alienware branded headsets, along with several new display technologies, including low blue light integration, will take game play over the top. And a new esports investment in education and custom home installation round out the offerings.

“Gamers across the globe know that if they want a gaming system that delivers on innovation while maintaining the best gaming experience, that Alienware and Dell are where it’s at,” said Dell’s Frank Azor, vice-president, and general manager of Alienware, G Series, and XPS. “To get to that point requires the collaboration of an incredibly talented and devoted team, and an ever-expanding group of top-tier partners.”

New Alienware m15 and m17 designed from the ground up to be thinner and more powerful with the Legend design 

Alienware introduces a brand new ground up Legend design for the Alienware m15 and m17 that is leaner, more advanced and more powerful than its predecessor. Weighing under 6lbs, Alienware is proud to release its thinnest 15” and 17” gaming laptops to date.  Not only do they introduce Alienware’s new Legend industrial design form factor, first announced earlier this year at CES, but the new Alienware m15 and m17 introduces technologies culminating from everything the Alienware design team has learned over the years - giving them a clean slate to design around anticipated issues and enabling them to reach new heights.

Alienware’s Legend designed thin gaming laptops, the Alienware m15 and m17 are engineered for gamers who prioritise mobility without any compromises to performance by offering next generation Intel and NVIDIA chips. Numerous display technologies enhance gameplay with the m15 being the world’s first 15” laptop to feature Tobii eyetracking and m17 being the world’s first laptop to feature an Eyesafe® display. Gamers can also choose between 144Hz, 240Hz and the newly available ultra-quality OLED displays. The Alienware Cyro-Tech 3.0 offers a newly optimised thermal module design to improve cooling performance. Now on the m15, the CPU fan has increased by 10% in diameter while the GPU fan has increased by 20% in diameter. The m15's total airflow has increased by 20% over the previous generation. On the m17, CPU fan has increased by a whopping 32% and GPU fan has increased by 10%. The m17's thermal module is positioned to reduce obstruction of airflow by 25% over the previous generation. Additional design features include an all-magnesium chassis, smooth-edge, narrow-bezel design, re-engineered keyboard, precision-point glass touchpad, SSD-only storage, and per key RGB LED AlienFX lighting.

Price and availability for Alienware m15 and m17 with optional 9th Gen Intel Core and NVIDIA 16 series chips TBC.

Dell G3 15 introduces mobile gaming at an entry level price point, and a Game Shift feature to optimise performance

In its G Series family of gaming laptops for budget-conscious and entry-level players, Dell’s G3 15 comes to this year’s Computex with even more to offer at a competitive price point. Delivering plenty of power and performance, there’s an innovative new Game Shift feature which enables a temporary “supercharge” for your PC system with increased fan speed for optimal performance to support intense gameplay. The 15-inch G3 also shows its outward innovations through a thin-and-sleek design, narrow borders, optional 144Hz gaming display, 4-zone RGB backlit keyboard and an S-curve design to accommodate larger component ports near the back.

9th Gen Intel Core and NVIDIA 16 Series chip drive performance that gamers demand within Alienware m15, m17 and G G315

The 9th Gen Intel Core CPUs offer the highest performance to gaming and creator laptops, delivering up to 5.0 GHz Turbo, 8 cores, and 16 threads, on a platform that handles everything from demanding AAA games to taxing creative workloads like editing and rendering. Complementing this is NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphic cards, built with the breakthrough graphics performance of award-winning NVIDIA Turing architecture, a blazing-fast supercharger for today’s most popular games. Available on GeForce GTX 1660Ti and RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 graphics options, HyperEfficient VR technology delivers up to 8-phase graphics voltage regulation and 6-phase processor voltage regulation for longer sustained high-performance.

Price and availability for Dell G3 15 with optional 9th Gen Intel Core and NVIDIA 16 series chips TBC.

Alienware debuts two iconic audio enhancers, the Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset and Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset

Listening closely to the gaming community and catering to the needs of different gamers, Alienware is excited to launch the next generation of wired gaming headsets - the Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset and Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset. 

The new range of headsets feature hand-picked 50mm high resolution drivers that have been custom-tuned to provide amazing audio clarity. The specially sculpted, deeper audio chambers amplify the resonance and the sculpted ear pads provide a higher level of noise isolation. All this is packaged into a sleek, iconic Alienware Legend Design with non-exposed extenders, and a retractable boom microphone that help create a beautiful seamless outline.

Enjoy a fully immersive surround sound gaming experience with the Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset, with pinpoint accurate sound positioning and unparalleled clarity. The retractable boom microphone provides the most consistent voice clarity in team gameplay. Comfort fit earcups incorporating a hybrid of leatherette, sports fabric and memory foam create a deeper acoustic chamber with better noise isolation that complements the high-resolution audio. The cushioned leather headband with the ideal clamp force ensures no slippage during those long hours of gaming. 

Created to provide unparalleled clarity, the Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset combines the high-resolution audio of the custom-tuned 50mm drivers with the deeper resonance of our bespoke sports fabric and memory foam acoustic chambers. This allows for fuller, more resonant sound and incredible clarity even during the most chaotic gameplay. A hybrid of plush memory foam and sports fabric in the ear cups and textured fabric headband provide optimal cooling, comfort and enhanced noise isolation, resulting in maximum comfort even during marathon gaming sessions. 

Cross-platform gamers will enjoy the compatibility these headsets provide via the detachable 3.5mm cable that makes it compatible with a variety of gaming platforms.

Price and availability for the headsets TBC.

Eyesafe® Display – Low blue light comes to Alienware and G Series

Dell and Alienware will be first to bring next generation displays optimised to reduce blue light exposure with Eyesafe® display integration within Alienware m17 and G5 17. The Eyesafe display will be added to the Alienware Area-51m this summer, and Dell and Alienware plan to expand the display technology across the portfolio in coming months.

It reduces high energy blue light emissions while maintaining colour performance. With many gamers engaging in extended screen time, this added functionality intelligently manages light energy at the source to selectively reduce blue light and disperse it across the light spectrum. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light from a display has health impacts that can lead to dry irritated eyes, trouble sleeping, blurred vision reduced attention span and concentration.

Dell Home Installation Services – the easy, time saving way to set up your new gaming PC at home

The new Dell Home Installation Services provide a super simple, fast and convenient way to setup latest gaming PCs at home. A technician unpacks and installs the PC, performs the system startup and connects it to your network and peripherals to optimise PC gaming experiences. Optional add-on services are available for an additional cost, including migrating your saved game data or personalised performance settings from the previous PC, and installing additional components like memory, sound cards, video card, a secondary hard drive, optical drive, and multiple monitors. Dell Home Installation Services are available now in 12 countries for new or refurbished G Series and Alienware PCs, along with other consumer PCs.  

Dell Brings Winning Esports Experience to Educational Institutions Curriculum with dedicated Technology Experts, Solutions and More

Alienware has long been ingrained in the esports community as an investor, advocate, fan as well as the gaming system of choice for competitive and professional gamers around the world. As esports continues to increase its global popularity, universities understand the benefits of dedicated technology consultants and solutions and are turning to Alienware and Dell Technologies to bring esports into their curriculum. With the numbers on the rise, accordingly to National Association of Collegiate esports, more than 130 universities belong to the National Association of College Esports, more than 475 colleges offer esports clubs, and 800 high schools in North America now belong to the High School Esports League – delivering opportunities to both the students and the institutions themselves.

Committed to fostering technological literacy among youth, today Dell Technologies’ end-to-end technology solutions equips U.S. educational institutions with the ability to build varsity-level dedicated esports arenas, start esports gaming clubs or build dual-purpose spaces to support teaching, learning, and esports in a single environment. Whether students are competing on their Alienware system or designing games on a Dell Precision workstation, esports give scholars an opportunity to develop skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking. These life-skills are helping to better prepare students for new career opportunities that are arising in the digital era.

“We have to ensure our next generation is equipped with the skills to thrive in a digital world, and need as much talent as possible to meet the needs of our future workforce,” said Jeanne Weber, Senior Higher Education Strategist, Dell Technologies. “Dell Technologies has been a partner to the education community for some time; with our commitment to esports and the explosive growth of the game, we are strategically positioned to help support these winning programs across educational institutions of every level, everywhere.”


  • UK pricing and availability for the Alienware m15 and m17 with optional 9th Gen Intel Core and NVIDIA 16 series chips to be confirmed
  • UK pricing and availability for the Dell G3 15 with optional 9th Gen Intel Core and NVIDIA 16 series chips to be confirmed
  • UK pricing and availability for the Alienware headsets to be confirmed
  • Dell Home Installation Services are now available in 12 countries for new or refurbished Inspiron, XPS or Alienware PCs.

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