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NT72-S is Hyper-Threading technology on RIMM platform

Tags: DFI (TPE:2397)

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Pacing with newly launched processor technology, DFI announced the support to Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology on NT72-S series. HT Technology provides multi-threading and multi-tasking operations to increase the system effectiveness. DFI perceived the tendency of future higher loading in CPU. The concern in power management had been implemented when developing NT72-S series motherboards. Just upon Intel making announcement of Hyper-Threading technology, DFI is able to provide the support to HT Technology in phase with Intel¡¦s launch.

DFI considerately provides RIMM enthusiasts to enjoy the powerful HT Technology on NT72-S series starting with revision ¡§AC0¡‥. For boards sold previously, we provide upgrade service to let users flash BIOS to share the joyful experience. Please watch out the latest download information on our ¡§Support¡‥ page.

NT72-S series are powered with Intel 850E chipset supporting 533/400MHz FSB. 4 RIMM sockets support PC600/800/1066 with maximum capacity of 2GB.

Being equipped with 5 PCI slots, NT72-S series provide users the satisfactory expansion capability. One AGP slot supports 1.5V AGP 4X graphics cards. It is also well compatible with DFI newly launched AGP 8X graphics solution and also downward compatible with 1.5V AGP 2X cards. We don¡¦t recommend using AGP2X if user is uncertain with the spec of operating voltage of AGP 2X card.

NT72-S series build AC97 audio on board as all DFI motherboards do. Totally four USB ports, 2 on-board ports and 2 external connectors, provide the availability in using USB devices. One CNR expansion slot is also build on board for the users who have get used to the convenience of CNR solution.

If there¡¦s demand of on-board LAN, NT72-SA will be the right choice. Integrating Intel 82562ET, NS72-SA offers the best transmission effectiveness. RAID solution is also build in.

Being the first ISO9001 certified motherboard developer in Taiwan, we have been dedicating ourselves to providing the most price-performance products with high quality and reliability services. Always take DFI products as your prior choice!

To learn detailed specifications of NT72-S series, go to Products page.