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Thermaltake at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016

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  • World Series of Exclusive Premieres: Thermaltake design collaboration with Watermod France on case project “The Tower” unveiling with special guest Mathieu Heredia in attendance, which will take centre stage at this year’s COMPUTEX Show; Thermaltake Gaming - Tt eSPORTS revealing of the Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse, from the legendary Level 10 series designed with BMW DesignworksUSA and Thermaltake Mobile - LUXA2 launches two new trending colors, the Champagne Gold and Rose Gold, to the E-One Aluminum Headset Holder!
  • Thermaltake: TT - the most professional liquid cooling and modding online shop launched, a professional 3D printable PC components website for Makers, VR (Virtual Reality)-ready digital power supply, the Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium and Gold Series with Smart Power Management (SPM) service platform ( featured, Thermaltake is continuing its commitment to further reductions in energy consumption with remarkable the world’s first “PC Off remote control “ function built in the Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium and Gold Series, also equipped with the RGB lighting effect, whilst still promising supreme efficiency and long life time; and the C1000 Opaque Coolant and the Riing RGB Fan will be displayed.
  • Tt eSPORTS will be launching a whole new era with the newLevel 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse features 16.8 million RGB illumination colors with 16,000 DPI will be showcased including other RGB products like the POSEIDON ZX RGB Gaming Keyboard, CRONOS RGB Gaming Headset, VENTUS Z Gaming Mouse, and DRACONEM RGB Aluminum Mouse Pad.
  • LUXA2: Adds the two hottest new colors, Champagne Gold and Rose Gold, to the E-One Aluminum Headset Holder, and will also showcase bestseller ABS EnerG Slim power bank series. 

Taipei, Taiwan -May 17, 2016-Thermaltake, Thermaltake Gaming – Tt eSPORTS, Thermaltake Mobile – LUXA2 will exhibit stunning world exclusive modding, gaming, and mobile total solutions at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016, during May 31st (Tue) – June 4th (Sat) 2016 in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4th floor, booth number M110). The theme for the year, “Game with your MOD”, positions Thermaltake as the go-to brand for PC modding and gaming total solution with our professional, innovative and technological skills. During the opening ceremony and product launch (May 31st) of COMPUTEX Taipei 2016, visitors will be treated to a series of astounding unveilings: Project the Tower – design collaboration by Thermaltake and Watermod France and co-owner, top modder Mathieu Heredia, which will be available on Tt; which will feature the 2015 and 2016’s Casemod Invitational Core X9 and Core P5 mods also will be seen by broader public for the first time at the Thermaltake COMPUTEX2016.

The stars of COMPUTEX 2016 also include the new Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium and Gold Series, the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology with our VR (Virtual Reality)-ready RGB lighting digital power supply units plus the Smart Power Management (SPM) service platform ( and the Tt eSPORTS Smart keyboard and mouse. In addition, Tt eSPORTS will highlight the Black FP gaming mouse with fingerprint sensor by Synaptics Inc., the human interface and capacitive sensing technology developer in USA. In terms of design innovation, Thermaltake introduces a RGB concept to its coolers, power supply units, and Tt eSPORTS gaming gear, which were also designed with user behavior ergonomics.

“The Thermaltake will show modding and gaming enthusiasts around the world what Thermaltake and Tt eSPORTS are capable of. It is our stated objective to continue to expand the leading position in both gaming and modding segments with new and professional models and intelligent solutions. The anticipation of new trends has always been a key factor for our brands’ success. And one of the most important trends at the moment is the growing demand for the RGB digital power supplies for users to monitor and record the status of power consumption, voltage distribution, and electricity cost for advance usage, and also colors their casemod with vivid RGB effect. The new Level 10 M Advanced Mouse will present particularly that we once again rejuvenated the powerful genes of Thermaltake gaming Tt eSPORTS brand.”  Said Kenny Lin, President and CEO of Thermaltake.

Further information about Thermaltake at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016 is available online:

ThermaltakeProject The Tower,

Design Collaboration by Thermaltake and Watermod France

As this year’s focus will be Thermaltake’s design collaboration with Watermod France for the project “The Tower”, a full tower chassis with an innovative open front design and an iconic modding style of Watermod France. Mathieu Heredia, the co-owner of Watermod France and the 2nd place winner in the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2, will take part in the Thermaltake opening ceremony and give a speech. Additionally, the completed prototype of The Tower will be exhibited at the Thermaltake Booth (Booth No. M110). 

Panoramic Viewing LCS Chassis - Lead to Makers and Build for Makers

To extend the open frame chassis family, Thermaltake will launch the Core P3, ATX wall-mount chassis with fully modular design that allows flexibility for 3-way placement layouts (Wall mount, Horizontal and Vertical), dual GPU layout locations: horizontal and vertical placement locations for liquid cooling components. In addition, Thermaltake will unveil a mini-ITX open frame chassis Core P1, highlighting a panoramic view of AIO liquid cooling system as well as a fully 3D printed case designed for PC enthusiasts. All the components of Core P1 will be able to download from

CaseMOD - Transform the Thermaltake Chassis into a Brand New Creation

Thermaltake will exhibit Core P5 mods built by well-known modders, and will also invite the world’s top 4 modders to present their modding cases and demonstrate their creative ideas, includingFabio Moma (Japan) , JengKi (Thailand), Jesse Palacio (Philippines) , and Mathieu Heredia (France). All of them are participants in the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational. Jesse Palacio is also participating in the 2016 Thermaltake Modding Fighting Championship (MFC). More details about 2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational and MFC can be found at

SPM Supported Power Supplies Series with New Functions

Security Remote Control and Power Usage Behavior Report

Thermaltake will unveil the latest Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium and Gold Series. Both digital power supply units are compatible with the Smart Power Management (SPM) Platform. Also, Thermaltake will introduce two innovative functions of the SPM platform. SPM is a cloud computing platform that tracks and analyzes PC electricity consumption, allows user to observe and learn their own energy consumption whereby alter their behaviour to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emission together to contribute to slowing global warming. This includes the Power Usage Behavior Report which helps users keep track of the number of watts consumed at each time period. To enhance home security, the Security Remote Control the system will automatically send users a warning message via the mobile App when PSU failures occur, similar to an AntiVirus software. Hence, users can immediately shut down, schedule a restart or even reboot their PC through mobile devices anywhere.

New Thermal Solution for Liquid Cooling and Air Cooling

Pacific RL360 Hard Tube D5 RGB Water Cooling Kit and Riing 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition will be the featured products among Thermaltake’s cooler category. To differentiate from the existing water cooling kits on the market, Thermaltake Pacific RL360 RGB Kit is composed of three Riing 12 RGB Radiator fans, one C1000 Opaque Coolant Blue and other liquid cooling accessories. Regarding the new Riing 12 RGB Radiator Fan, users will be able to control their Riing fans through the Riing RGB Software, including controlling fan speed, changing LED colors and fan alert functions. The digital Riing RGB Fan Hub can connect up to 48 Riing fans.

Thermaltake Gaming Tt eSPORTSChallenge is the Game

Gaming Keyboards, unique technical features Thermaltake Gaming Tt eSPORTS will be once more emphasizing their leading role in figure print and aero dynamics technology at COMPUTEX2016! The product range is raising the gaming segment In the keyboard category, POSEIDON Z TOUCH gaming keyboard engineered with a special spacebar that can be touched, swiped and programmed, making a capacitive touch sensors in the keyboard which is perfect for both mechanical keyboard users and a gaming enthusiasts. The new POSEIDON Z ADVANCED which adds lighting effect, lighting zones and on-the-fly macro recorder and users can access extra the skills and commands such as switching equipment presets! Lastly, the highly acclaimed POSEIDON ZX RGB mechanical gaming keyboard which has the perfect size for on the go for gaming, giving a spectrum of visual effects featuring 16.8 million colors and provide users the easiest way to tune. 

Gaming Mice with the Latest Technology

The Tt eSPORTS gaming mice will be coming to the COMPUTEX2016 with the new BLACK FP gaming mouse, which is the first to integrate Synaptics IronVeil fingerprint sensor into the mouse that allows users to log-in or wake/unlock machine by their thumb. Furthermore, 4 new gaming mice are added to Tt eSPORTS famous Aerodynamic series. First, the new enhanced version of the famous signature gaming mice from Tt eSPORTS - LEVEL 10 M ADVANCED gaming mouse, which can be used on most surfaces. It features OMRON engineered switches and improved ergonomic shape design. Next, the new cutting-edge VENTUS Z gaming mouse, with the AVAGO laser sensor and 5 profiles that can store up to 50 programmable macro keys!

Following with the new VENTUS R gaming mouse, a compact shape designed for fingertip and claw grips to ensure the maximum possible comfort and can be used for both left and right handed gamers. Lastly the VENTUS X OPTICAL VERSION gaming mouse inspired by gamers that comes with an up to 12,000 DPI powerful optical sensor to track quick and precise mouse movements.

Gaming Headsets Geared toward Gamers

The new CRONOS RGB gaming headset features a 256 RGB Colors Battle Dragon LED with amazing lighting effects and premium 3D 7.1 virtual surround sound that offers gamers a truly encompoassing surround sound experience. Furthermore colors are added to the newISURUS PRO in-ear headset as well, with 6 new colors and improved comfort to the previous ear hook to provide best comfort while gaming! The new generation in-ear gaming headset also comes with the world first detachable microphone design headset that offers a clearer voice communication and enhances phone call control by adjusting the microphone to ensure you have a perfect fit.

Brilliantly Colored Gaming Mouse Pad

Not to miss the new spectrum mouse pad, the DRACONEM RGB gaming mouse pad. Comes with a complete spectrum effect that can be adjusted on-the-fly which offers a color glow to enhance in game actions and immersion! The optimized reflective surface ensures mouse movements for precise cursor movements and rapid in-game responsiveness. 

The Smartest Smart Series

Tt eSPORTS keeps expanding our research and introduces the PC supported Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ PC Application that tracks and syncs users’ gaming data by using the THERON PLUS Smart Mouse & POSEIDON Z PLUS Smart Keyboard. Users can analyze their performance stats, compare their usage with pro players, and challenge their friends by using the smart products with the application. Also, for our Android users, we have finally upgraded our Tt eSPORTS PLUS PROFESSIONAL mobile application and now supports Android devices! Users can share their data via the application and compare data with our Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform.

LUXA2 Thermaltake Mobile – Innovation in Technology and Style

As a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, LUXA2 is preparing for the up and coming, and highly anticipated COMPUTEX 2016 with the launch of two new color editions of the iconic E-One Aluminum Headset Holder. Launched globally back in 2014, the E-One Aluminum Headset Holder has gone on to become one of the best selling products in LUXA2 history. In addition to the already available silver and stealth black options, the E-One Aluminum Headset Holder will be available ina stunning Champagne Gold and a warm flush Rose Gold.

Stylish Mobile Power Solutions

Participants will also be treated to a wide range of LUXA2 power solutions that includes the top selling fireproof ABS EnerG Slim power bank series, the S100 UniQi  iOS/Android Qi wireless charging kit, the Red Star Design Awarded hand-stitched leather power bank series, and the Golden Pin Design Awarded world’s largest power charging station- P-MEGA. Together with this array of highly anticipated new mobile accessory essentials, exhibition attendees and consumers will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the full range of award winning LUXA2 products. 

About “Thermaltake”

Thermaltake Technology was established in January, 1999 and has been market to the world with “Thermaltake” brand name ever since. The brand personality of Unique, Aggressive, Vivid, and Stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in creating Exciting things and Fascinating environment for gamers and enthusiasts, also Keep them Constantly High physically and mentally.

Moreover, Thermaltake Technology get close to consumers and observe lead users’ behavior and requirement, to design aesthetic and high quality products which will greatly improve system performance and bring the user to the up most potential. With innovative design and unique style, Thermaltake products spread rapidly among the enthusiasts in Case MOD market and soon become the number one choice for Case MOD enthusiasts worldwide.

Thermaltake official website:

Thermaltake Facebook:

About “Tt eSPORTS”

Thermaltake is a well known brand for gaming & MOD in Case, Cooler, and PSU for years. Due to the constant requests for keyboards and mice from gamers and end users, Thermaltake decided to create a series of gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets with the Tt eSPORTS brand. By using Tt eSPORTS, we want to extend our product lines into the gaming industry, and provide more “personalized gaming” gears to gamers and enthusiasts worldwide. With years of experience in gaming industry, Tt eSPORTS is committed to bring the most personalized and the highest quality weapons for the most competitive cyber battles, and advances with the idea of products designed by gamers for gamers.

Tt eSPORTS official website:

Tt eSPORTS Facebook Fan Page:

About “LUXA2”

Thermaltake Technology was established in 1999 specializing in Chassis, Power Supply, CPU Cooling management solutions, and has been marketed to the world with the “Thermaltake” brand ever since. The brand personality of Unique | Aggressive | Vivid | Stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in constantly creating new, exciting and innovative products for PC DIY, gaming and mobile enthusiasts. Founded in 2010, the LUXA2 Thermaltake Mobile division was created on the principle of modern gents and ladies desire for more sophisticated mobile accessories. LUXA2 answers the need of contemporary fashion with the latest technology; presenting our line with high standard in functionality, value, and style based on minimalist philosophy, clean design, quality, and craftsmanship to sports, travel, and fashion consumers.     

LUXA2 official website:

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