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InWin launches ‘Diéy’ 10th Generation Signature Edition

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InWin has announced Diéy, its 10th Generation Signature Edition PC Chassis. Marking 10 critically acclaimed Signature cases, InWin’s Diéy yet again pushes the boundaries of PC chassis design, and has been honored with the prestigious CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the Computer Hardware & Component category.

Inspired by the previous Signature Edition, Yǒng (“Chrysalis”), the new Diéy (“Butterfly”) entices you to experience its transformation. The inner PC hardware is shrouded by 80 Ocean Blue scales. Each scale features ARGB lighting that provides an exciting 360-degree view and there are four dazzling lightshows preinstalled.

Hanging Diéy on its stand allows the built-in projector to create a light show that reacts to the rhythm of music, making it a perfect complement for social events whether for business or at home. Diéy incorporates a built-in AI that promotes natural interactions through facial detection, voice and hand gesture control. Multiple voice assistant services are supported, allowing users to opt for their preferred ecosystem.

To access the internal PC chassis, simply raise Diéy’s wings. It supports up to E-ATX motherboards, possesses eight expansion slots, mounts up to 360mm radiators and includes the latest USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connectivity. By using a layered, scale covering over an open central cavern, it provides excellent thermal results as any component heat can easily escape the system.

Experience the InWin Diéy at CES 2020 at the InWin Booth (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1, Booth #21326). 

For further information regarding the InWin Diéy, please visit: https://www.in-win.com/en/gaming-chassis/diey/.  

About InWin

In Win Development Inc. is a technical company that specializes in designing and manufacturing computer chassis, server chassis, power supplies, IPC products and tech accessories. Founded in 1985, InWin is a leading innovator of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. InWin develops high quality products and adheres to all safety regulations. Our slogan “Contemporary and Innovative” has served the InWin brand for over 30 years. It is through this simple, yet impactful statement that has and will continue to empower our strategy to provide our customers with a unique experience each time they possess an InWin product. Our passion fuels our creativity.