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QOTW: Who makes the best motherboard BIOS?

by Parm Mann on 23 April 2021, 16:31

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Gigabyte (TPE:2376), MSI, AsRock

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Enthusiasts out there will appreciate that a good BIOS is essential to a stable, well-tuned PC. Whether you're optimising for silence or overclocking to the extreme, the Basic Input/Output System is crucial to getting a system configured exactly the way you want it.

Most manufacturers tend to offer a common set of core functions, but presentation can vary wildly, and some are better than others at providing bug fixes or new features through regular updates. We're curious to know who our readers favour, so for this week's question we're asking: who makes the best motherboard BIOS?

We have our own preferences, but we're keeping schtum on this one in the interests of impartiality. Over to you, let us know who you think has BIOS down to a tee using the comments facility below.

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Assuming you mean UEFI then any company that is willing to remove the “Fast & Furious” theme and add actual useful help with explanations of what a feature is and why you may or may not want it… they would get my vote!

If you mean actual BIOS for the good old days then I was always an AMI fan.
I liked the old Award BIOS that came with my Pentium, K6/2, and Athlon/AthlonXP mobos.
I don't like UEFI, they seem to be a triumph of style over substance, and apart from setting fan curves, I much prefer the older interface.
As long as it works properly, I don't really care.
Can't say I've had much experience with different BIOS, the one i was using before was from 2008, current one is a Gigabyte UEFI and even though I've got nothing to judge it against it's a bit naff.

Not that it's all that buggy it's just a bit confusing with duplicated settings and missing/confusing/wrong help text, maybe that's common for AM4 BIOS though what with manufactures BIOS settings being in once place and AMD CBS BIOS settings being in another, IDK.
Always gone ASUS but have used ASRock, MSI, gigabyte and was impressed with the UEFI.
I found they are all similar BIOS/UEFI apart from some features tied to mobo's and looks/layouts. The reality is, once set up, I don't need to use it !