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QOTW: Which laptop do you currently use?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 June 2017, 16:30


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Attending multiple trade shows and technology events in a year means that I have to have a laptop in the bag. Said laptop has changed many times over the last 15 years, from an IBM ThinkPad, Dell Latitude, Dell XPS, and now, a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

I believe that the laptop experience is finally moving into top gear as Apple and Microsoft battle directly, and being a staunch Windows advocate - don't flame me! - I have the just-released Surface Laptop on my radar as a next upgrade.

Promising all-day battery life, a gorgeous screen, a relatively thin and light form factor, it ticks almost all of my on-the-move boxes. But there's also the gorgeous Dell XPS 13 and capable HP Spectre X360 that would do just as fine a job.

An industry friend has to have a decent integrated GPU in his, enabling after-hours gaming when stuck in a hotel room, so it's horses for courses.

So for this week's QOTW, let us know in the comments facility below which laptop you currently use and the primary reason you bought it. If you want to, like me, feel free to say which laptop you have your eye on, too.

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HP Zbook 15 Quad core Haswell, Quadro K6100 I think and 8GB ram. Got it for cheap, mainly as the seller didn't quite know that it was not the base model, but second from top.
Its big, its heavy, but its super easy to work on and upgrade. Runs Manjaro KDE and Windows 7 Pro.
A cosmos II from PCSpecialist. It's 3 years old now but its still a powerful machine in everything but the GPU department. The quad core i7 can sustain over 3GHz boost, has 16GB, SSD and 2 hard drives and a GTX 850m which is more than sufficient for gaming on the go. Only problem I have is that it's a little too heavy but taking out one of the drives would probably make it better if I want to.
I have an 11" Lenovo Yoga 700 which I picked up cheaply in a black Friday sale. I only really use it for backing up my photo's when traveling. Perfect for my needs.
Dell XPS 9560, 32gb RAM, 4k touch panel, 1tb NVMe drive. Microsoft word is surprisingly fast :D
Zenbook UX305 for Windows, and a slightly older Sony Vaio for Linux. I want to move my Linux to a Thinkpad. I've also got an MSI Wind U100 netbook still alive and doing torrenting duties..