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Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom specs leaked revealing a 19MP camera

by Mark Tyson on 18 March 2014, 17:30

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), PC

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Benchmarking site GFXBench has revealed the core specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, the next generation of the company's camera-centric Galaxy S4 Zoom. The site details the software, processor, display, graphics and all-important camera in this new hybrid smartphone/point and shoot.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom is said to be powered by an Exynos 5 hexa-core CPU running at 1,300MHz accompanied by 2GB RAM. A 19MP image sensor with an output resolution of 5184 x 3888 pixels and capable of full HD video recording is specified, a supplementary 2MP front facing camera is also present. The listing suggests that the device will not feature HDR rich tone on its rear camera but will have other standard features such as face detection and touch-to-focus.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Missing from the benchmark is any indication of whether the device has optical zoom capability. Obviously that isn't important to a smartphone benchmark but it is a headline feature of the Galaxy SX Zoom range offerings. If the lens remains the same as its Galaxy S4 Zoom predecessor it will offer a 10x optical zoom with an aperture range of f/3.1 to f/6.3.

On the other side of the upcoming Galaxy S5 Zoom the display has been significantly improved, sporting a 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 multi-touch Super AMOLED display (rather than the 4.3-inch 960 x 540 pixel screen on the S4 Zoom) which allows native HD video playback. Samsung provides 16GB of built-in storage and the device may even support up to 128GB via its microSD card slot. In the leaked benchmark tests the device ran the latest Android OS, version 4.4.2 KitKat.

The Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected to be just one of many variations of the company's Galaxy S5 flagship and it is thought that it will be unveiled in May 2014 and released in July, around the same time as the S4 Zoom was released last year.

So far as we can see it's an incremental update to this photo-orientated smartphone series. However without knowing the lens details – a significant specification on this device – it's hard to say what kind of upgrade the S5 Zoom represents.

In other unconventional hybrid Samsung smartphone news the Galaxy Beam 2 appears to have gone through certification in China.

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All that power and only a 720p screen - that will get criticised greatly.
Hexa-core at 1.3 gig? Seems a tad low to me speedwise
Hexa-core at 1.3 gig? Seems a tad low to me speedwise
Coudl this be an attempt to maximise the battery life? Like you (I guess) I would have thought less, but faster, cores would have been a better idea.

I'm in two minds about this camera/phone. I like the idea of the optical zoom very much, but I see a whole load of problems with it. Most obviously being that it'd be a pig to find a case or car mount to fit that weird shape. Then, I guess, you're also leaving yourself wide open to ridicule - it's not exactly “discrete” is it?

Finally, I've come to the conclusion that I'm cooling on Samsung - both my tablet and phone seem to be getting slower and slower with every OS or system software update. And they (Samsung) seem to be insistent on pushing more and more “value added” stuff to my devices. It's getting to the point where I'm seriously considering flashing a 3rd party ROM on them just to gain some measure of control back!
What continues to amaze me is that Samsung sell these devices (the zoom and beam) with lower specs than the main line device. FFS, WHY?

People don't want to carry multiple devices. My standard smartphone camera critcism is that they're slow to get into cam mode, fix that + add a decent lens, add a beamer for show'n'tell and you're away laughing….