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Samsung Galaxy S unveiled in white flavour

by Sarah Griffiths on 11 November 2010, 11:12

Tags: Carphone Warehouse, Samsung (005935.KS)

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Bright (white) idea

Samsung's popular Galaxy S smartphone has been unveiled in white at The Carphone Warehouse.

The phone shop already offers LG's Optimus and HTC's Desire handsets in an exclusive white flavour but notably no iPhone after Apple said its White iPhone 4 has been delayed again.

It seems all other manufacturers can manage to bring out a white handset apart from Apple, which recently said fanboys will have to wait until spring of next year until they can get their hands on the latest white iPhone...despite Stephen Fry already flaunting one.

However, the Galaxy S "white colour variant [is] available to pre-order for the 10th November delivery," according to The Carphone Warehouse's website.

24 month contracts typically seem to cost around £30 a month, with the best value appearing to be an Orange offering which includes 500 minutes plus unlimited texts and internet.

In related news, The Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U will introduce a 14-day returns policy for customers who get their phone only to discover they have poor coverage, the BBC reported.

Other phone retailers have reportedly decided to offer improved rights for their customers following pressure from the Communications Consumer Panel, a watchdog that will apparently disband next year.

In a survey by the panel last year, 56 percent of mobile users reportedly said they had ‘considerable' problems with coverage. The panel is believed to have argued that current rules are confusing for people wishing to cancel contracts as a result of living in a reception black-spot, with over half reportedly given the wrong information concerning their rights.

While providers can presently decide if a customer does get poor coverage by checking the amount of disconnected and dropped calls, more providers are reportedly now adopting a more uniform response to the problem and while cancellation periods still span between 7 and 28 days it appears more providers will strengthen their policies.

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