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Daring Escapes feature in the latest Dishonoured 2 trailer

by Mark Tyson on 7 October 2016, 12:31

Tags: Bethesda Softworks

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Dishonoured 2 is just a little over a month away from being released. To keep us interested in the run up to the launch Bethesda has been releasing sneak peeks and gameplay showcases. The latest video nugget is called the Daring Escapes Gameplay Video and it showcases some quick and stylish exit strategies for both Emily and Corvo.

In the video you will see Emily 'shadow walk' to stealthily bypass some nasty looking captors. As she progresses in her escape, Emily summons a 'doppelganger' to distract another guard, then surprises a foe from behind. An additional skill called 'transposition' allows you to chop and change between your own and your doppelganger's position in the game world.

Next up we see a kind of IR vision being deployed, called 'dark vision', where Emily can see through walls to asses guard positions in nearby rooms and corridors. As she breaks cover Emily uses her 'mesmerise' skill to daze/distract a trio of guards. To get to what would otherwise be inaccessible places such as high ledges Emily can use 'far reach' which works like a psychic grappling hook. Last but not least we see the offensive 'domino' skill in action where Emily links target individuals up so they will all share the same deadly fate which you dish out.

Playing as Corvo (video 2 minutes and 26 seconds onwards) provides gamers with an interesting alternative set of skills. These are demonstrated to be of great use in making the escape from the identical predicament Emily was in previously. Corvo begins his escape by 'bending time' – time is stopped for all around him as he moves around. As the timer runs out he is positioned nicely behind the first guard and quickly dispatches the guard with a knife. Next up we see Corvo take 'possession' of a foe to control them for a short period before again knifing them. 'Chain host' allows Corvo to transition between various guards in the gameplay video to make a slick escape.

Another time-pausing ability is featured next, 'redirective blink' stops time as you take aim. Then we again see Corvo use his 'chian host' ability to further his escape plans. To help Corvo disappear one can summon a 'wall of light' that confuses and surprises guards. The Corvo episode ends with him using the 'wind blast' special skill to deflect incoming projectiles and burst open doors.

Bethesda has released lots of Dishonoured 2 videos over recent weeks. If you are interested in the game it's well worth checking out the dedicated playlist on YouTube where you can catch the Creative Kills gameplay video, the Clockwork Mansion gameplay trailer, and the Dishonored 2 – Creating Karnaca behind the scenes video from the team at Arkane Studios.

Dishonored 2 launches worldwide on 11th November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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To avoid hackers, they've included them all already in the game.
Emily's powers look much cooler than Corvo's. Can't wait ^__^