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You won't need top end kit to run Crysis

by Nick Haywood on 22 August 2007, 18:30

Tags: Crysis, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), PC

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A pair of cheap GFX cards will do the job!

Games Convention 2007 Over at the EA booth here at Games Convention 2007, an EA rep has let slip that Crysis, the hugely anticipated shooter from the Crytek boys, doesn't need high spec kit to run.

The slip came about when we asked about the specs EA were showcasing Crysis on, which illicited the usual answer of "We're not mentioning specs". So when pressed that there was probably a couple of 8800's and an Intel Core2 Extreme running the game, we were told that of course the machine was high-spec as they wanted to so the game off to it's best, which is only natural.

But happily, we were then told that they'd had Crysis running perfectly well on a single core machine fitted with a pair of 6600's. So that means that us cash-strapped gamers can still enjoy Crysis without having to rob the bank. And yes, it's playable framerates even at that spec, you just don't get all the bells and whistles that a higher end machine will give you.

Check back soon for the coverage of our hands-on with Crysis... if EA let us back in the booth!

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Woo, now I don't have to wait untill next year, when I next upgrade, to buy it.
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…but you'll miss all the loverly bits if you don't have one. Just like any game. Good sales patter tho!
…but you'll miss all the loverly bits if you don't have one. Just like any game. Good sales patter tho!

Oh Heck! I won't have loverly bits.
Oh Heck! I won't have loverly bits.

We should all have loverly bits. And bobs too!
What we managed to glean is yes, you'll miss out on the visual effects such as the motion blur, particle effects and so on BUT you will be able to play the game and see the vast majority of cool stuff like the physics in action…. but when you blow up that truck you just won;t see as much coming off it.

I've just had an extensive playtest of the first two levels and I'm wondering if some of the Crytek guys like having a giggle, I blew up a truck and got the clichéd single wheel rolling past out of the wreckage… I think it was just luck but it made me laugh…