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Doom E3 trailer teases upcoming reveal at QuakeCon 2014

by Mark Tyson on 11 June 2014, 14:20

Tags: Bethesda Softworks, PC

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Bethesda Studios and id Software have released a teaser trailer for the reboot of seminal 3D gaming title Doom. It's a CG teaser which shows no gameplay but just tells you a little bit of game background story info and shows off a big bad fused hellspawn flesh-and-metal foe.

The trailer has been released to whip up a bit of excitement at E3 and warm us up for a full reveal at the QuakeCon 2014 event. That event is held between 17th and 20th July at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. It's been many years since this new version of Doom was first hinted at – that was back at the QuakeCon 2007 by former id Software technical director and engine programmer John Carmack, reports Polygon. The game was overhauled whilst in development three years ago as it was deemed not to "exhibit the quality and excitement," required by the developers and/or expected by the fans.

The teaser trailer starts with the following voiceover, as the camera pans around a dark, steaming and forbidding world; "We were standing on the edge of discovery. A powerful technology with infinite possibilities. Instead, we let them in." The world went to hell thanks to an invasion of creatures fused from flesh and metal, we are told. Then we get to see a colossal hellspawn flesh and metal killing machine, with horns. That's all we will officially see until QuakeCon 2014.

As a reminder, those who bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on pre-order will have early access to the Doom beta when it becomes available.

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That is surely a Cyberdemon..
DO WANT! but i hope it has two modes… one in a classic fast paced shooter like the originals, and a second mode that is more akin to a story driven scare fest of horrors… complete story to unlock retro horde mode with original maps (doom 1 and 2) with this engine with fast paced gameplay. I might play doom 2 tonight now.
As long as they don't do the horrible monster closets and flashlight sillyness of the last one, could be good. Will be interesting to see what a post-Carmack id can do - perhaps they can focus on gameplay (and story) rather than the graphics engine for once.
Please make it a COD FPS type like Doom2 , rather than Dead space - like
An exact replica of Doom, but with shiny state of the art engine. Give.